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Map uploaded on April 10, 2017.

Cayuta Lake is a small lake, located in Schuyler County, New York, USA. The lake is within the Town of Catharine and is linked to the Susquehanna River by Cayuta Creek, which flows out the south end of the lake. A major feeder stream for Cayuta Lake is Cayuta Lake Inlet, which enters the lake through a marsh area on the north end. Much of this northern shore of the lake is within the Allen Preserve.
The area of the lake is about 588 acre (238 ha), and it is about 2 mi (3 km) long.

The lake is also referred to locally as "Little Lake". By legend the lake is named after a Seneca princess, who was kidnapped by another tribe, causing her mother's tears to form the lake. An older spelling, still sometimes used, is "Kayutah".

Much of the shoreline is private property, but a public boat launch is available, via. Cayutaville Road.


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