My Reaction to Eleanore Stein’s Climate Change Action Forum

More information about this recent forum hosted at the Bethlehem Town Hall:

Climate change is a serious problem but I reject undermining environmental laws, 📚threatening endangered species and paving over farm land, wildlife habitat and destroying our public lands to address mitigate it. 🌲🌳 Protecting the environment from badly thought out renewable and fossil energy projects is important.

I oppose solar farms on farm land and forests but I support solar panels on existing roof tops such as homes and business. If it’s already developed, there is no harm on strapping a slab of silicon on the roof.🏠 Wind turbines on farms make a lot of sense as they provide additional revenue to farms and are less disturbing to wildlife. Wind turbines take up some land and cast shadows but their impact is relatively small.🚜🐮 Obviously they are not appropriate in areas with good quality muck soils.

I reject the attacks by activist Eleanore Stein and certain politicians on our environmental laws and local control.⚖🏘 While it’s important we continue to invest in increasing our supply of renewable energy, it should not come as a cost to our quality of life or to the environment.🌇

Climate change is a serious threat to our environment and quality of life but so are renewable energy projects if it’s not installed in an environmentally sensitive manner. 🏭🏭🏭 Some in the environmental community will claim that the ends of unmitigated climate change will justify the means but they are wrong and must be repudiated firmly.😡

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