Photos: Hadley Mountain (Apr 17, 2009, Part B)
in Hadley Mountain

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South Views

Looking down from the fire tower, at the Ranger's cabin and the southern foothills of the Adirondacks.

nycphoto 001803

Bare Mountain Top

The part of the mountain most visited is worn down to the exposed face. I spend several hours soaking up the sun on this beautiful day.

nycphoto 001802

Fire Tower Secured By Guidewires

This is due to being on an open rock face, strong winds. It was rock stead (pun intended), climbing it with 50 MPH winds on Friday.

nycphoto 001801

Former Rangers Station

Near the Fire Tower.

nycphoto 001800

Descending the Hill

It was such a beautiful day for a hike. It was 70 degrees, with a brisk breeze.

nycphoto 001799

Trail Steepens

It's a gentle down hill and up, although walking on all the exposed rock on the way down is rough on the ankles. The trail obviously gets a lot of use.

nycphoto 001798

Firetower Restored

A brief history of the Fire Tower on top of Hadley Mountain.

nycphoto 001796


The sign is pretty much self explanatory.

nycphoto 001795

Carry It In, Carry It Out

A friendly reminder from the DEC in the form of a sign.

nycphoto 001794

Old Ranger's Station

Back when the Fire Tower was actively used for surveying fires, in the era-prior the mid-1980s, the ranger would have lived here.

nycphoto 001793


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