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Crane Pond [PDF] [PNG]  

Map uploaded on July 14, 2017.

This updated map of Crane Pond in the Pharoah Lake Wilderness shows the location of the campsites along the lake.

About Pharaoh Lake Wilderness

The Pharaoh Lake Wilderness Area, an Adirondack Park unit of New York's Forest Preserve, straddles the Essex County-Warren County line in the towns of Ticonderoga, Hague, Horicon and Schroon. The county road along the east shore of Schroon Lake forms the western boundary; to the north, private land and NY 74 form the boundary. The state land boundary forms most of the remaining perimeter except for a stretch of NY 8 on the south.

The area contains 39 bodies of water covering 1,100 acres (4.4 km2), 62.8 miles (101 km) of foot trails, and 14 lean-tos.

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