Grasse River Wild Forest

Lampson Falls is one of the most spectacular waterfalls in the Adirondacks with a vertical drop of approximately 100 feet. The 2900-foot long trail provides an enjoyable roll through the forest land ending at an overlook on the falls.

Tooley Pond is a remote waterway in the southeastern Town of Clare that is popular with local campers and canoers.

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Carry Falls Reservior
Lampson Falls
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Yellow Lake State Forest

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Map: Carry Falls Reservior

Map: Carry Falls Reservior

The dammed up part of the Raquette River, off of NY Route 56 north of Sevey, has public access, boat launch and campsites at the Carry Falls-Parmenter Site.

The 3,170 acre Carry Falls Reservoir averages 18 feet deep and has a maximum depth of 50 feet. Its shoreline is almost entirely forested and there are many sandy beaches. A DEC boat ramp and launch area is on the far northwest corner of the reservoir.