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Map: Rogers Island WMA

Map: Rogers Island WMA

Rogers Island Wildlife Management Area (WMA) is a Hudson River island located in the Town of Greenport, Columbia County and consists of 281 acres of forested uplands, tidal forested wetlands, tidal marshes, and extensive mudflats The WMA was acquired in 1950 to provide a refuge for migrating waterfowl. The WMA can only be accessed by boat, since there is no legal public access across the railroad tracks that border the east side of the property. The best place to land a boat is at the southwest corner of the island.

Large numbers of waterfowl, shorebirds and passerine birds can be observed during spring and fall migrations. Resident wildlife that occurs on the WMA includes the bald eagle, wood duck, black duck, mallard, green heron, least bittern, a variety of songbirds and white-tailed deer.

Rogers Island provides opportunities for the public to engage in a wide variety of outdoor recreational activities including hunting, fishing, trapping, bird watching, and hiking. There are several unique ecological communities to explore and great variety of wildlife species to view and otherwise enjoy. Rogers Island is a popular and productive waterfowl hunting area. A foot trail leads from the southern tip of the island through the middle of the property. Poison ivy is prevalent throughout the island.

The management of Rogers Island for non-intensive recreation is consistent with its primary purpose of providing wildlife related public benefits. Those preferring more intensively developed outdoor areas should consider visiting day use areas at nearby State Parks.

Area dodges disaster, but for how long?

"Get again, the Hudson Valley dodged what could have been a catastrophic accident on a rail line near the Hudson River."

"This time, a CSX train derailed near the Newburgh waterfront, in precariously close vicinity to an oil terminal and cargo holdings along the shore."

"The accident, which left several CSX train crew members needing treatment for minor injuries, demonstrates the grave danger that is occurring daily with shipments of hazardous materials through populated areas and by combustible sites — and by one of the area’s most precious environmental resources, the Hudson River."

"The 77-car train was carrying sulfuric acid, sodium hydroxide, cardboard, corn oil and glass products."