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DEC: PCB removal project did not work

"The EPA has failed New York."

"Those were the words of state Department of Environmental Conservation Commissioner Basil Seggos Wednesday. He was on the banks of the Hudson River, where he says General Electric has come up woefully short of cleaning up PCB contamination."

"It wasn't just the DEC commissioner who was blasting the Environmental Protection Agency. Environmental leaders and elected officials up and down the Hudson River were shooting seething salvos across the bow of the nation's top environmental watchdog."

How bad is drug pollution in the Hudson?

"Scientists are taking samples of the Hudson River this month to measure how much pharmaceutical pollution gets washed into the waterway during heavy rains and to pinpoint its source."

"Anti-depressants, blood pressure medicine, decongestants and other medicines have already been detected in the Hudson in preliminary samples. The latest round of testing is a larger sweep of the river at a time of the year when pollution overall is washing into the Hudson at a greater rate due to runoff and sewage overflows."