Whitney Point Reservior

Whitney Point Wildlife Multiple Use Area is located on the Otselic River in Broome County. The dam forming the reservoir on the property is three-fourths of a mile above the confluence of the Otselic River with the Tioghnioga River at the village of Whitney Point. Binghamton is located at the confluence of the Chenango and Susquehanna rivers about 24 miles below the dam site. The Whitney Point Reservoir project area is composed of approximately 4645 acres of land and water. The area extends along the Otselic River Valley from the dam site at the village of Whitney Point in Broome County to the lower limits of the village of Cincinnatus in Cortland County, a distance of approximately 12.5 miles.


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Broome County
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Binghamton, New York
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Whitney Point Reservior

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