Photos: Hunter Mountain (Feb 21, 2010, Part D)
in Hunter Mountain

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New York State

Greene County

Hunter Mountain

Indian Head

Plateau Mountain

Sugar Loaf Mountain

Twin Mountain

Tower Cabin

nycphoto 003582

Co-Signed Spruceton Trail

It's both a horse trail and foot trail.

nycphoto 003579

Flat Section of Trail

In the ridge in the distance, there is the Hunter Mountain Fire Tower. Being still 3/4 a mile away, it appears very small.

nycphoto 003580

One Mile to Hunter Fire Tower

nycphoto 003578

Trail to Hunter Ski Resort

Lazy and wealthy people can take the ski-lift about a 1/3 of the way up the mountain.

nycphoto 003577

Snow on Trees

Right above 3500 feet, ever so beautifully, snow stuck on the trees. This may have been from the snow squall I noticed on the drive on up.

nycphoto 003576

At 3500 Feet

On Hunter Mountain. This time of year you can legally camp above 3,500 feet if that's your thing.

nycphoto 003575

No Camping Right on Trail

nycphoto 003573

Sign to Lean To

nycphoto 003574

Trail to Lean-To

The John Robb Lean-To is located a ways off the main Spruceton Horse Trail. It's a steep descent to the lean-to, climbing through a rock wall.

nycphoto 003572

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