Black Mountain

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Photo: Vermont


The marshy southern part of Lake Champlain is not visible in this picture due to the Bark Mountain, Sugar Loaf, and other mountains in the foreground, but beyond that is the relatively flat lands of the Lake Champlain Valley around West Haven, VT.

Map: Black Mountain

Map: Black Mountain

Black Mountain is a three mile hike from Pike Brook Road via a snowmobile trail. The snowmobile trail is a nice hike or ski and follows an old woods road to the summit. The summit contains an old firetower this is fenced off for DEC radio equipment, along with a picnic table, outhouse, and old ranger's cabin.

If you take the steeper trail down the mountain you will arrive at Black Mountain Pond with a Lean-To and Outhouse, and loop around to Lapland Pond, an older lean-to and outhouse on the shore of the lake. Trail blaze color underlays the trail routes on the map.