Deer River State Forest

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Deer River State Forest
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White Hill Wild Forest
Wolf Lake State Forest
Yellow Lake State Forest

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For my April Road Trip this year, I am thinking about going to the North Country. Probably either camp on Conservation Road at Deer River State Forest or maybe the Walter Pratt Campground at Brasher Falls State Forest. The later is somewhat better, as it’s less likely to be muddy or snow covered in April, and it’s a fair bit closer to Massena. More cell service to keep me entertained at night. Deer River would be better in the sense that there are more areas near the campsites with hills and terrain that could be used as backstops while plinking. Maybe hit up some trout spots? It is April, after all.

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My April Road Trip would be quite similar to the trip I took in November 2015 to the Northern Adirondacks, probably fish in Deer River, go up to the Power Project in Massena, maybe do some short hikes in the Adirondacks. Drive back down through the Adirondacks or maybe via the Black River Valley.

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I would like to explore more of the state forests in St. Lawrence County. There is a lot of great land up that way that I’ve mapped and looked at the DEC websites for but have never explored myself. Many people might denounce the land is being flat with a lot of dairy farms – but I suspect it’s actually quite rolling in parts and many of the state forests are quite interesting. Wolf Lake State Forest seems to perk my interest.

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It’s a bit farther then past April Road Trips I’ve done, but it would be fun to get back into this part of the state that I haven’t visited in a few years. I like getting around and seeing different parts of the state, as going to the same location, year after year, gets kind of boring. I’ve only really been up to the North Country (Franklin and St. Lawrence County) twice, so there are a lot left to explore.