Millard Fillmore Birthplace

Millard Fillmore, the second of eight children, was born into an impoverished family on January 7, 1800. The log cabin where Fillmore was born no longer stands. His family’s small farm in upstate Cayuga County, New York, could not support them, and Fillmore’s father apprenticed his son to a clothmaker, a brutal apprenticeship that stopped just short of slavery. Fillmore taught himself to read, stealing books on occasion, and finally managed to borrow thirty dollars and pay his obligation to the clothmaker. Free, he walked one hundred miles to get back home to his family.

Today, where his cabin once stood is a historic marker, a picnic pavilion and landscaped area. There is no charge to visit this site on Filmore Road in Summerhill, NY.

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New York State
Cayuga County
Fillmore Glen State Park
Millard Fillmore Birthplace

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