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Good evening! Mostly cloudy and 34 degrees in Delmar, NY. There is a north breeze at 6 mph. The skies will clear Wednesday around 6 am.

Went to the store and they didn’t have my size for pants for work but the guy explained how to order online. I did buy some extra dress shirts and honestly I think I will be able to wear one or another pair of the pants more than one day at work next week. They don’t get that dirty wearing them only for work. 

Made up some more graphs, maps and updated the Google County Map Tracks on my blog today. Worked on some other code and templates for future use. Walked down to the library for a bit. Been watching some videos and reading about the mini house / off grid home movement. I love the simplicity of some of those mini houses. Less technology means less to break. And so relatively inexpensive. I’ll have to share some of the videos I’ve been watching lately. 

Tonight will be mostly cloudy, with a low of 29 degrees at 3am. Typical for tonight. North wind around 6 mph. In 2016, it got down to 34 degrees under mostly cloudy skies. The record low of 2 occurred back in 1960.

Waning Crescent Moon tonight with 13% illuminated. The moon will rise around 4:23 am. The New Moon is on Tuesday night with chance of showers expected. The Full “Pink” Moon is on Tuesday, April 11th. The sun will rise at 6:47 am with the first light at 6:19 am, which is one minute and 45 seconds earlier than yesterday. Tonight will have 11 hours and 31 minutes of darkness, a decrease of 2 minutes and 54 seconds over last night. Definitely the nights are getting shorter and mornings aren’t so dark, despite the time change two weeks ago. 

Tomorrow will have a slight chance of freezing rain between 9am and 10am, then a chance of rain. Cloudy, with a high of 40 degrees at 6pm. Nine degrees below normal. Southeast wind 5 to 8 mph. Chance of precipitation is 50%. New precipitation amounts of less than a tenth of an inch possible. A year ago, we had mostly cloudy skies and a high of 52 degrees. The record high of 74 was set in 1986. 6.1 inches of snow fell back in 1899.

Big Red is remarkably muddy and needs a good bath tomorrow. I also need to run to Walmart and get dress socks and food for next week. Then Sunday dinner at my parents house. Baking cookie brownies for them come morning. Hopefully I won’t sink so far out of sight and sling so much mud driving on their dirt driveway. I doubt the weather will be good for hiking. 

Going to be a busy week at work next week, but I expect an on time budget and things will get quieter in April. Kind of lucked out with timing this year. I am hoping in four weeks when I have off, I will be able to have a nice trip to the North Country and hopefully the Deer River will have good fishing. 

In four weeks on April 22 the sun will be setting at 7:46 pm, which is 31 minutes and 55 seconds later then tonight. In 2016 on that day, we had rain and temperatures between 76 and 58 degrees. Typically, you have temperatures between 61 and 40 degrees. The record high of 86 degrees was set back in 1985.

Looking ahead, April Fools Day is Next Saturday and Earth Day is in 4 weeks.

Today was rather cold and wet … Compared to the very mild year of last year it was about ten degrees colder but just about as cloudy. It was a very mild start to April last year. We are expecting a warm up later in the week but nothing like this…

Saturday 03/26/16. Mostly cloudy, a high of 52 and a low of 34.

Sunday 03/27/16. Mostly cloudy, a high of 58 and a low of 40.

Monday 03/28/16. Cloudy and rain, a high of 50 and a low of 41.

Tuesday 03/29/16. Partly cloudy, a high of 46 and a low of 34.

Wednesday 03/30/16. Partly sunny, a high of 60 and a low of 27.

Thursday 03/31/16. Cloudy and rain, a high of 71 and a low of 49.

Friday 04/01/16. Mostly cloudy and rain, a high of 70 and a low of 42.

Google County Maps: DEC Region 9

Interactive Google Map consisting of federal, state, local, and non-governmental public lands and parks within the following counties in DEC Region 9: Allegany, Chautauqua, Cattaraugus, Erie, Niagara and Wyoming counties. Up to 4 additional counties (for a total of ten) can be added to the map. Data can be downloaded as KML and GPX Tracks and Waypoints for use in Google Earth or handheld GPS units.

Updated on March 25, 2017. Contains new campsites and recreational facilities, along with a full set of tracks for the hiking trails and roads in Allegany State Park.