2016 April 20

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Delmar, New York
Pharaoh Lake Wilderness

April 2016
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While tonight is not quite the full moon — the Pink Moon — tomorrow is the full moon early on Friday morning 1:24 AM — the moon is pretty big and full over Albany.

We are at 46 degrees under clear skies tonight with no wind and a dew point at 16 for a relative humidity level of 23%. Spring time can be quite dry this time of year. 37 degrees for a low.

Tonight was the Save the Pine Bush Dinner. We had a very interesting speaker from Northern Quebec who talked about the impacts that hydropower dams and damming up rivers more generally are having on their community.

A little while ago I was heading home on the Route 18, listening to Day by Day from the Godspell sound track. It sounds very late 1960, because it is. Tomorrow is Thursday.

In three weeks it will be Twilight Zone Day when the Civil Twilight will conclude at 8:39, in other words dusk. Until recently I didn’t realize that most normal people call the end of twilight a time known as dusk. I guess there is a lot of things to learn.

Really looking forward to vacation next week in Central New York, then Finger Lakes and down in Pennsylvania. Should be a pretty nice trip assuming all goes fairly smoothly. It’s been a long time since I’ve spent much time out of town.

The landlord fixed the sink so it’s no longer dripping. One less thing to worry about. Now I don’t have keep things clean and organized as much. Also won’t get blamed for ignoring a leak. Glad that’s off my plate.

Now the weather looks increasingly nice for my trip next week. Tuesday is the worst day of the week but clearing by afternoon. Might be cold enough to actually warrant bringing the big buddy heater for nights by the fire, but that’s to be expected in late April. I think it still will be somewhat green in the Finger Lakes. I’m sure I’ll have to refill the propane while camping but I’m sure I can find a place that refills propane like Tractor Supply Company.

I got my CDTA Navigator Card. Right now I’ll only use it occasionally when my discount bus pass expires. I will fill it with 15 bucks for now, so have it ready to go and not have to worry about carrying cash for a bus fare.

Now watching the PBS Newshour, but pretty soon will retire for the night. Tomorrow should be mostly sunny and 75 degrees. A nice spring day for sure. Looking forward to it.

Google Maps: Hillary Clinton’s Vote Margin

Upstate really did not matter much in the coming primary -- Bernie Sanders won most of upstate -- but there aren't a lot of people much less Democrats upstate, compared to New York City. This map looks much different then the map that show it's region's winner.

Vote margin really is a much better way to map an election then straight out winners or vote percentage.

Good morning. Happy Hump Day. 43 degrees and sunny this morning. 61 degrees later and blue skies throughout the day. Typical weather for late April.

Now the weather looks better for next week for my trip. Wednesday may have clouds and showers but that may be better for fishing in Nelson Swamp.

Sunny today and tomorrow, showers and cloudy for Friday.

Tonight sunset is at 7:44 and dusk at 8:15. 13 hours and 40 minutes between sunrise and set. At sunset it will be 52 degrees, clear, and the breeze will taper off.

Have a great Wednesday.

As we head into the 9 o’clock hour we are at 46 degrees under sunny skies. Trees are in bloom. I had to take the local yokel bus to work as I had to wait for the landlord to arrive to fix my leaky sink faucet. Should be a spring day as things are starting to bud up pretty good in the city and we are looking for a high around 61 degrees.

The weekend looks pretty nice but at this point I don’t envision heading out of town. I heard it is going to be in the low 60s both days with sunny conditions. I thought about going up to Hope Falls Road but heck I’m heading out on vacation on Tuesday evening so I really should pack this weekend. I also need to test the new camp stove out, so to make sure it’s ready to go.

Two months from today will be the first day of summer. It remarkable how brief the seasons really are. The unofficial start of summer – Memorial Day – is forty days off.

Tonight is the Save the Pine Bush Dinner at the First Presbyterian Church between State Street and Chestnut downtown. As usual it’s at 6 pm. I’m sure somebody interesting will be speaking but I’m too lazy to check savethepinebush.org website.

Today in 1861, Robert E. Lee, resigns his commission in the United States Army in order to command the forces of the state of┬áVirginia. While many people have strong opinions about slavery in our country, I always thought it was rather unfair for the northern states to try to impose their views on the south. Over time I’m sure this institution would have faded away without war based on an industrializing south. War should never be the answer and while the civil war wasn’t as toxic as modern warfare, a lot of unnecessary blood was spilled the night they drove old Dixie down….

Have a great Hump Day!