Days are getting steadily shorter in Albany …

Tonight the sun will set at 8:14 PM with dusk at 8:46 PM.
Next Tuesday, the sun will set at 8:05 PM with dusk at 8:36 PM.
Saturday August 12th, the sun will set at 8:00 PM with dusk at 8:30 PM.
Tuesday August 22nd, the sun will set at 7:44 PM with dusk at 8:15 PM.

And on Thursday, August 31st, the sun will set at 7:30 PM with dusk at 7:59 PM.

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Map: Piseco-Powley Road – Sugarbush Mountain to Notch Mountain

Map: Piseco-Powley Road – Sugarbush Mountain to Notch Mountain

Piseco-Powley Road runs from Stratford to Piseco, along west of one of the last old Adirondack dirt roads. Home to many old growth Spruce trees -- many that almost touch the road. The West Branch of the East Canada Creek crosses Powley Road under the historic 1911 bridge.

It is located 8 miles south-west from where NY 10 crosses Piseco Outlet, and about 7.5 miles from where Piseco-Powley Road splits off from NY 10. From the south, Powley Place is located 10 1/2 miles north-east from Stratford, via Piseco Road.

There are four campsites located in the general victinity of Powley Place, which are part of the 22 designated campsites along Piseco-Powley Road.

Foxconn’s corporate welfare deal will cost Wisconsin taxpayers more than 3 billion dollars / Boing Boing

"The recent trumpist trumpeting about the plans of Chinese manufacturer Foxconn to open a manufacturing facility in Wisconsin omitted a few key details -- like the fact that Foxconn is being given a sweetheart tax-break that's topped up with 15 years' worth of guarantees of up to $200m/year in cash subsidies at taxpayer expense -- a record-setting taxpayer subsidy that exceeds the previous Wisconsin record-holder by a factor of fifty."

"The total bill for this incentive package that Wisconsin is giving the super-profitable Chinese manufacturer? Three billion dollars."

"But there's more! Wisconsin cities will also have to provide incentives, including hundreds of millions more in infrastructure, and exemptions on environmental rules that will allow Foxconn to pollute watersheds, drain water habitats, and reengineer Wisconsin's freshwater sources, up to and including Lake Michigan."

I-35W Mississippi River bridge

"The I-35W Mississippi River bridge (officially known as Bridge 9340) was an eight-lane, steel truss arch bridge that carried Interstate 35W across the Saint Anthony Falls of the Mississippi River in Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States. During the evening rush hour on August 1, 2007, it suddenly collapsed, killing 13 people and injuring 145. The bridge was Minnesota's third busiest, carrying 140,000 vehicles daily."

"The NTSB cited a design flaw as the likely cause of the collapse, noting that a too-thin gusset plate ripped along a line of rivets, and asserted that additional weight on the bridge at the time of the collapse contributed to the catastrophic failure."

Mercury wise, weather will be fairly typical for this time of year.

Exceptional temperatures:
Thursday night will be warm. 67 degrees. 61 normal. 46 record (1966). Chance of T-storms.
Friday night will be warm. 67 degrees. 61 normal. 43 record (1972). Chance of T-storms.
Sunday will be cool. 76 degrees. 82 normal. 98 record (1994). Mostly Sunny.

With the heat, we have many days where there will be a chance of rain and thunderstorms, especially as we head into the weekend.

Rain and thunderstorms expected:
Tuesday Slight chance of rain and thunderstorms from 3 pm to 9 pm.
Wednesday Slight chance of rain and thunderstorms from 11 am to 1 pm. Chance of rain and thunderstorms from 1 pm to 8 pm. Slight chance of rain and thunderstorms from 8 pm to midnight.
Thursday Slight chance of rain and thunderstorms from midnight to 2 am. Chance of rain and thunderstorms from 8 am to midnight. 0.19 inches.
Friday Chance of rain and thunderstorms from midnight to midnight. 0.26 inches.
Saturday Chance of rain and thunderstorms from midnight to 2 pm. Chance of rain from 2 pm to 8 pm. 0.09 inches.
Monday Chance of rain from 8 am to midnight.
Tuesday Chance of rain from midnight to 11 am.

Heading into the weekend, clouds will prevail. Sunday will be nice. More clouds for next week too.

Cloudy periods:
Friday Mostly cloudy from 4 am to midnight.
Saturday Mostly cloudy from midnight to 2 pm.
Monday Mostly cloudy from 4 pm to midnight.
Tuesday Mostly cloudy from midnight to 5 am.

Quite muggy this week into the weekend. A break in the humidity for Sunday.

Muggy periods (dew point greater then 64):
Tuesday Muggy from 10 pm to midnight. 70-74 degrees. Dew Point 66-66.
Wednesday Muggy from midnight to 1 am. 69-70 degrees. Dew Point 65-66.
Thursday Muggy from 10 am to midnight. 70-86 degrees. Heat Index 89. Dew Point 66-68.
Friday Muggy from midnight to midnight. 67-85 degrees. Heat Index 89. Dew Point 65-69.
Saturday Muggy from midnight to 6 am. 68-71 degrees.Dew Point 65-67.

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Good morning! Can you believe it’s already August? Already into the “Overdrive” of Summer. 81 degrees with haze and humidity, on our way up to 87 degrees later. Definitely feels like a summer day out there. Dew point is a sticky 66 degrees this morning.

Office picnic later, so I won’t be stuck in the stuffy office all day. I drove out to Stanton Fuera Farm and bought sweet corn and tomatoes this morning, and I have my big propane camp-stove and griddle, butter, and hot sauce to cook it all up. I also have my kayak so I may go for a paddle later.

The sun will set at 8:14 pm with dusk around 8:46 pm, which is one minute and 10 seconds earlier than yesterday. At sunset, look for partly clear conditions and 79 degrees. The dew point will be 65 degrees. There will be a calm wind. Today will have 14 hours and 26 minutes of daytime, an increase of 2 minutes and 12 seconds over yesterday.

Tonight will have isolated showers and thunderstorms before 9pm. Patchy fog after 5am. Otherwise, partly cloudy, with a low of 65 degrees at 5am. Four degrees above normal. Maximum dew point of 66 at 10pm. Light and variable wind. Chance of precipitation is 20%. In 2016, we had cloudy skies. It got down to 62 degrees. The record low of 45 occurred back in 1976.

As previously noted, there are 2 weeks until Altamont Fair Opens when the sun will be setting at 7:55 pm with dusk at 8:26 pm. On that day in 2016, we had mostly cloudy skies and temperatures between 83 and 66 degrees. Typically, the high temperature is 81 degrees. We hit a record high of 96 back in 1959.

Thousands of pigs roamed the streets of New York City in the 1800s, until gentrification drove them away. — Quartz

"On his first visit to America in 1842, Charles Dickens found plenty to ridicule—America’s money obsession, their manners, their tobacco chewing habits. But the biggest target of Dickens’ humor was New Yorkers. Specifically, their pigs."

"Stepping onto Broadway, New York’s biggest commercial thoroughfare, Dickens encountered “two portly sows” and “a select party of half-a-dozen gentlemen hogs” among the brightly dressed ladies and a bustle of coaches. Even more than this strange sight of pigs roaming the city’s streets, Dickens was captivated by the free and easy swine lifestyle—a “roving, gentlemanly, vagabond kind of life.” Scavenging curbside trash in droves, New York’s wandering pigs were on “equal, if not superior footing” with humans—a model of self-sufficiency."