2017 July 20

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50 Years On, Sen. Fred Harris Remembers Great Hostility During 1967 Race Riots

"1967 was a volatile year, as riots erupted across the country as a result of deep racial segregation between blacks and whites. NPR's Robert Siegel talks with former Oklahoma Democratic Sen. Fred Harris. Harris is the last living member of the original Kerner Commission, which was formed under President Johnson to investigate why the riots occurred and what can be done to prevent rioting in the future. The conclusions of the report drew backlash from many, including President Johnson."

How Much Power Does 10 Amps Carry

When doing a wiring project, one must select a wire size that is able to move a certain amperage of electricity along it. The thinner the wire, the more resistance and heat that is produced when a certain electricity is moved along it. To move 10 amps of current over 20 feet, you should use a 12 gauge wire. That will produce a voltage drop of less then 3%. That same 12 gauge wire can carry either 100 watts at 12 volts, or 1,200 watts at 120 volts. You can see the advantage of higher voltages in wiring.

Shocking study finds many Alzheimer’s patients might not actually have the disease

"A major study of thousands of Alzheimer's patients has discovered that many people diagnosed with the disease might not actually have it, The Washington Post reports. Researchers at the Memory and Aging Center at the University of California, San Francisco found that of 4,000 patients tested for the disease's telltale amyloid plaques in the brain, just 54.3 percent of mild cognitive impairment (MCI) patients and 70.5 percent of dementia patients actually had the hallmark."

Increasing chances for more heavy rain this weekend in Central New York

"Syracuse- A very complex weather pattern is setting up for this weekend. While the details will need to be continually tweaked over the coming days, the general idea is for nice weather Saturday and storms on Sunday."

"A large dome of heat and humidity that has been a semi-permanent feature over the middle of the nation will once again nudge its way towards Central New York."

A slow moving frontal boundary along the leading edge of the tropical air will serve as a focal point for rounds of showers and storms. These storms will be able to tap into both strong winds aloft and the copious amounts of moisture to produce severe weather and heavy rain."

Map: Gull And Spectacle Pond

Map: Gull And Spectacle Pond

The Pharaoh Lake Wilderness Area, an Adirondack Park unit of New York's Forest Preserve, straddles the Essex County-Warren County line in the towns of Ticonderoga, Hague, Horicon and Schroon. The county road along the east shore of Schroon Lake forms the western boundary; to the north, private land and NY 74 form the boundary. The state land boundary forms most of the remaining perimeter except for a stretch of NY 8 on the south.

The area contains 39 bodies of water covering 1,100 acres (4.4 km2), 62.8 miles (101 km) of foot trails, and 14 lean-tos.

Better batteries charge forward

"A decade of incremental steps are beginning to pay off. In late 2017, scientists will introduce a handful of prototype batteries to be developed by manufacturers for potential commercialization. Some contain new ingredients — sulfur and magnesium — that help store energy more efficiently, delivering power for longer periods. Others will employ new designs."