2017 June 20

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Bash Bish Falls
Elm Ave Park & Ride - CDTA
Green Mountain National Forest
Grout Pond
Hudson River Islands State Park
Mason Lake
McDonough State Forest
Piseco-Powley Road

June 2017
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Map: Whalen Pond and Bowman Lake

Map: Whalen Pond and Bowman Lake

McDonough State Forest is located ten miles west of Norwich, in the gently rolling hills of the Allegheny Plateau. A number of recreational opportunities are available on McDonough State Forest. Both the Finger Lakes Trail and the New York State Corridor Snowmobile Trail pass through the forest, and many of the unpaved town roads are ideal for mountain biking and horseback riding. Whaley's Pond, Bowman Creek, Mill Brook and some of their smaller tributaries offer good fishing opportunities, and the upland woods support diverse wildlife populations. For good food, drink and local news, make a stop in the hamlets of McDonough and East McDonough. Bowman Lake State Park adjoins McDonough State Forest and both the Finger Lakes Trail and the snowmobile trail cross from the stat forest into the State park. Bowman Lake State Park provides camping, swimming and other developed recreational activities and facilities.


‘Human Project’ to ask 10,000 New Yorkers to share life’s data for 20-year study

"Wanted: 10,000 New Yorkers interested in advancing science by sharing a trove of personal information, from cellphone locations and credit-card swipes to blood samples and life-changing events. For 20 years."

Researchers are gearing up to start recruiting participants from across the city next year for a study so sweeping it's called "The Human Project." It aims to channel different data streams into a river of insight on health, aging, education and many other aspects of human life."

"That's what we're all about: putting the holistic picture together," says project director Dr. Paul Glimcher, a New York University neural science, economics and psychology professor."

2016 Energy Consumed for Large Office Buildings in Albany Area

By far the biggest consumer of energy as state office buildings in the Albany-area is the Empire State Plaza, which includes all of the plaza buildings, along with the State Capitol, Alfred E Smith Building and Education Building. All these buildings are connected to common utilities, so they count as one. The second biggest energy user in the Capital Region is the Harriman Office Campus and the University at Albany Campus.

Data Source: New York State Government Building Energy Use Intensity Data: Beginning State Fiscal Year 2010. https://data.ny.gov/Energy-Environment/New-York-State-Government-Building-Energy-Use-Inte/nfvi-5nt4

Google Maps: June 20, 2017 – Length Of Day

As during Summer Equinox, the sun is in it's most northern portion of it's orbit in the sky, the farther north you go, the longer the days.

The Town of Massena, has the longest day in all of New York at 15 hours, 36 minutes, and 52 seconds of daylight as it's center point is closest to 45 degrees parallel of any town, because part of the Robert Moses State Park (Barnhart Island) extends north of the 45 parallel.

Staten Island has the shortest first day of summer at only 15 hours, 4 minutes, and 45 seconds. Then again, the first day of winter has the longest daylight in all of New York State in Staten Island.

That said, if you are looking for a late sunset in Massena, you'll be disappointed. Massena's 8:49 PM sunset doesn't hold a candle to Porter's sunset at 8:59 PM in the western portion of state.