2017 April 22

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Bennett Hill Preserve
Corning Tower Observation Deck
Empire State Plaza
Essex Chain Lakes Complex
Franklin Falls Pond
Saint Regis Mountain
Truck Camping
Westminster Presbyterian Church

April 2017
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Map: St. Regis Mountain Trail

Map: St. Regis Mountain Trail

Follow Rte. 30 to Paul Smiths. Just north of the intersection of Rtes. 30 & 86 in Paul Smiths, turn onto the Keese Mills Road. The trailhead is located approximately 2.5 miles down the Keese Mills Road. This is a popular hike through a mixed hardwood forest to a south-facing rocky summit and an abandoned fire tower. The summit views encompass myriad lakes and the distant High Peaks.

5 miles including return trip... moderately difficult.

Average Temperature in Albany for Earth Day, 1967-2016

The average high temperature for Earth Day in Albany over the past 50 years is 61.4 degrees. Generally, Earth Day is cooler now then it was in the 1970s. The record high is 86 degrees, with 86% of Earth Days reaching at least 50 degrees for the high. 24% of Earth Day over the past 50 years, the temperature gets below freezing.

Data Source: NOAA, NOW. http://w2.weather.gov/climate/xmacis.php?wfo=aly

Map: Franklin Falls Pond – Saranac River Campsites

Map: Franklin Falls Pond – Saranac River Campsites

This shows the campsites south-west of the Franklin Falls Pond/Reservoir. The Saranac River at this point is mostly navigable at higher level flows but it is shallow with lots of big boulders and some rapids. You will be hoping in out of your canoe. Most of the campsites can also be accessed by parking on the shoulder of the road and climbing down a steep bank to campsites along the shoreline.