2016 April 23

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Henry Hudson Park
Vanderwhacker Mountain Wild Forest

April 2016
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Chilly night on tap. Currently 47 degrees but expected to drop to 34 degrees by daybreak under clear skies. Sunny and cool tomorrow with a high around 58. Without much of a breeze it won’t feel too bad. Next Saturday is May 1st.

Worked on some blog renovations today. Went down to the Hudson River and cooked up some burgers and went fishing. All and all didn’t do much today. Tomorrow I need to get the kayak racks out and start getting my truck ready for the trip.

After a pretty dark morning, the skies are rapidly clearing out around the noontime hour. Currently around 55 degrees and increasing blue skies. By later in the afternoon it will be mostly sunny and quite nice, with a high around 62 degrees. The wind is supposed to decline as the day progresses, with sunset at 7:47 PM and dusk at 8:17 PM. Things are really greening up around Delmar. More sun and a high around 60 expected tomorrow. The normal temperature for today and tomorrow is 62.

I was thinking about originally going for a walk out to Five Rivers, but I’m increasingly thinking that’s going to fall off the agenda for today. I didn’t get a very early start as I spent some time working on some code was I playing with. We will see how things go time wise. I do want to go down to the river and do some fishing, and I should do some cleaning around the place so I’m ready to go come Tuesday. Tomorrow I really need to see if I can start packing, so I have less to do Monday night, as I also have the Young Democrats Meeting after work, and I plan to leave right from work on Tuesday.

Today in 1967, Soviet space program: Soyuz 1 (Russian: Союз 1, Union 1) a manned spaceflight carrying cosmonaut Colonel Vladimir Komarov is launched into orbit. Today in 1621, Sir William Penn, an English admiral and politician who sat in the House of Commons from 1660 to 1670 was born. He was the father of William Penn, founder of the Province of Pennsylvania.  While totally unrelated, 100 days from now will be first of August. 

NetBeans the IDE I normally use for coding stopped working. It appears one of the supporting libraries broke. I like NetBeans a lot, but it’s slow, and somewhat unstable at times. I’m looking at switching over to Geany, which is much faster but seems a bit lacking in the features department — although apparently one can install all kinds of plugins to make it more functional. We will see. I’ve been doing a lot of internal improvements to my blog, simplifying things and removing obsolete code. I’m also tweaking it’s look and feel.

It’s kind of a lazy Saturday. There is so much more I could be doing but I’m not doing, because it’s relatively cold out with a wind blowing around and the clouds. But I expect it to get much nicer by the time I go down to the Hudson River, cook up some burgers, and do some fishing.