2016 March 22

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Good evening. Cloudy and 48 degrees this evening. We only expect to get down to 42 degrees by daybreak with a slight chance of rain showers. Tonight’s low is 14 degrees above normal.

While we are close to a full moon, I don’t see it yet, because it’s hidden under the clouds. It should be in the southeastern skies but not so much tonight. Clouds will probably block out the full moon tomorrow. Sunrise tomorrow is at 6:50 AM, which is 1:46 earlier then today. There are 11 hours and 39 minutes of darkness tonight. Nights are definitely getting shorter, almost by 3 minutes a day.

Tomorrow will be cloudy. It will be 45 degrees for the morning commute, and warm up to 54 degrees by afternoon. On and off showers expected for most of the day. We will be locked in this rainy, mild pattern through Friday but nicer weather for the weekend.

It looks like the high pressure has gotten stuck over us a little longer then expected, but I still expect clouds to dominate by evening with rain showers around midnight as the low pushes west and south. Currently we are at 45 degrees with a few clouds, and a westerly wind blowing at 12 mph with gusts up to 28 mph. Looking at 52 degrees for 5 pm. Maybe this evening won’t be that cloudy, but I’m not expecting a real nice evening for sure.

The next few days will be quite mild but cloudy with chance of rain showers throughout. We aren’t expecting any major downpours, but we may get a quick 1/10th of an inch every once and a while through Friday. Thursday of this week will have a best chance of showers, the NWS is predicting 80% chance of showers in during the day. Nights this week will be quite mild — 10-15 degrees above normal and in the 40s, but the days will be in the 50s to 60s. Tomorrow will be the warmest of the week.

And if you are looking forward to a nice Easter weekend, I have some good news. Good Friday will have 30% chance of showers, and a seasonable 50 degrees. Saturday will be mostly sunny, 53 degrees, and Easter will be partly sunny and 58 degrees. While we all would want weather in the 60s and 70s, it is still March, normal high temperatures around 49 degrees in Albany.

As we head into the 9 o’clock hour, we are up to 34 degrees with mostly sunny conditions with some clouds creeping in from the west. Still lots of sunshine and blue sky this morning. This won’t last, as the skies will be about 50% covered by clouds by 1 pm and mostly cloudy by evening with temperatures around 50, which is 3 degrees above normal. A mostly cloudy evening with a sunset at 7:11 pm, with an 8 pm temperature around 46 degrees.

In case your feeling good, make sure to wish the late James Brown a happy birthday. It’s also the birthday of Wolf Blitzer, the CNN news host.

Today in 1972, the Equal Rights Amendment was approved by Congress, but was later rejected by the states. And even farther back in 1765, the Stamp Act Tax was approved by the British on the American colonies, in an effort to recover costs from the administration and protection of the colonies. This among other things would lead up to the American Revolution.

The weekend can’t come fast enough. I don’t know if I will have Good Friday off but one can hope. We will see. It still looks like a nice weekend forecast.

The next stop is mine. Have a great day, and enjoy the sun as it lasts!

Good morning. It’s a Tuesday. 30 degrees and mostly sunny with a breeze from the southwest. Later today the breeze is expected to increase along with clouds and by the time you head home, it will be mostly cloudy and temperatures around 50.

Have a great day!