2015 April 19

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Delmar, New York
East Branch Sacandaga River
Long Pond State Forest
McDonough State Forest
Second Amendment

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Good evening! I hope you had a fun weekend. As you can see from my pictures I’ve posted throughout the weekend, I had a pretty good adventure seeing some pretty nice country.

I haven’t been out to Chenango County since spring 2013, unless you include the one night stay over during the summer of 2013 on my way out to the Finger Lakes. Chenango County is beautiful, rough cut country. It’s a place of trailers and shacks, of struggling farms that would never be on the cover of a magazine.

I wish I had better luck fishing for sure. It would have been nice if things went smoother all weekend but nothing was a disaster. All and all it was a good kick-off to my 2015 summer season of traveling and exploring.

If Chenango County wasn’t one with all the indignities, regulations, and taxes of rural NYS, it certainly would be a wonderful place to live — assuming you can scratch a living out of the rocky dirt or few jobs that exist out there. It has to be tough, but those folks who make it truly are blessed. Living in the city and making good money is great but ain’t nothing like a truly rural area.

Those hills are a bitch out in Chenango County. They try your transmission and brakes. I can’t imagine winters out there. It was certainly muddy enough when I was out there. Even paved county highways were covered with mud when I was out there. Spend time in a truly rural country in mud season and you’ll know what mud is really about. Farms looked like giant mud and muck puddles.

I enjoyed myself immensely, not just the camping and fishing but also seeing the wonderful rural landscape, with its browns and grays, so to turn a brilliant green.

As of now, it is 51 degrees in Delmar. Expected to drop to 43 with rain coming in late. Cold and rainy weather is expected the next two days with clearing but seasonably cool weather for the mid-week.

Both days next weekend look to be about 55 degrees, which is a bit below average. Cloudy on Saturday more sun on Sunday. This is a week out, change is certain.

There is earlier sunrises happening everyday. Albany’s sunrise will be 6:17 AM tomorrow.