Photos: Albany (Apr 29, 2011, Part B)
in Albany, New York

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New York State

Albany, New York

Bennett Hill Preserve


Black Creek Marsh Wildlife Management Area

Cole Hill State Forest

Delmar, New York


Evening Walk

Five Rivers Environmental Education Center

Four Corners Laundromat

Guilderland, New York

Henry Hudson Park

Indian Ladder Farms

John Boyd Thacher State Park


Lawson Lake

Lawsons Lake

Louise Kerr Wildlife Management Area

Partridge Run Game Management Area

Petrol 9w Co



Swift Wetland Preserve

Thatcher Park

Walmart Glenmont


Impact of Air Pollution

Notice how the Agency 4 Building's marble is a yellow color, while the Legislative Office Building in a shinny white color. That's because the LOB has been steam cleaned, while the agency building is covered with 40 years of air pollution.

nycphoto 007343


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