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Photo uploaded on November 3, 2014.

Upper and Lower Lelands Ponds are located in Madison County near the hamlet of Bouckville.

Plant Life

Both ponds have significant rooted aquatic vegetation growth around much of them out to about 15 feet of water.

Public Access Sites

Upper Leland Pond - On Route 26, approximately one mile southwest of the hamlet of Bouckville. Concrete launch ramp. Parking for 10 cars and trailers. Universally accessible fishing pier.
Lower Leland Pond - Undeveloped hand launch, across from Upper Lelands parking area.

General Fishing Information

Upper and Lower Lelands Ponds are connected by a channel that runs through a culvert under the highway. This culvert is too small for boat passage, but it does allow fish movement. Upper Lelands offers a cold water fishery for brown trout along with warm water gamefish such as largemouth bass and tiger musky. Lower Lelands is shallower and weedier and offers a better opportunity for largemouth bass and tiger musky. Bluegills, pumpkinseeds, black crappie, brown bullhead and yellow perch can also be found in both ponds.

Fisheries Management

Upper Lelands Pond is stocked annually with approximately 1,360 year-old brown trout. Lower Lelands Pond receives approximately 155 tiger musky annually.

Special fishing regulations exist for trout in Lelands Ponds. Please consult the Special Regulations by County section of your fishing regulations guide.


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