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Map uploaded on October 29, 2015.

Take Wolf Lake Landing Road to the Wolf Lake Landing Parking area. Carry your boatd 1/4 mile to the lake. Wolf Lake was merged with Woodhull Lake when the reservior was formed. There is a lean-to, outhouse, and a good place to launch a hand-carried boat. AT the southern-most portion of the lake there is a a dam that holds back the lake. Part of the lake is lightly developed with cabins along the shoreline.

About Woodhull Lake Reservior

1,118 acres in McKeaver NY, before you cross the Moose River Bridge on NY 28, about a 2 mile drive back from NY 28. The lake depth varies from about 20 feet in shallower portions to as much as a 90 feet on the eastern portions of lake. Home to Lake Trout, Brook Trout, Splake, White Sucker, Yellow Perch, Brown Bull, and Golden Shiner.


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