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April Fools

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Weekly Rain Accumulation

It looks like we might be in for another inch of rain in the next week. Half inch of rain between now and tomorrow afternoon, then a break, and some more rain come Sunday afternoon into Memorial Day.

Blue is new rain. Gray bars represent clouds, with no new accumulation, yellow bars represent sun, which will start to dry things out.

April Rainfall Records

April Showers.... Bring May Flowers? We can definitely have some pretty wet days in April, although at least in Albany, the spring time isn't the wettest time of the year -- the autumn tends to have the wettest days, but even summer can leave streams flooded from heavy downpours from rain and thunderstorms. More information on the mostly rainy days of the year. http://www.weather.gov/media/aly/Climate/ALB_MonthlySeasonal_Extremes.pdf