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April Fools

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Upstate NY flooding: Why forecasters are concerned about this storm

"Much of Upstate New York has had 6 inches more rain than normal April through June. Considering 3 inches a month is about normal, it's as if those areas in green had two extra months worth of rain by June 30. And that doesn't count the heavy rain that has fallen this month. A soft, soaking rain on dry ground is one thing; torrential rains on already wet ground is a recipe for flash flooding. The red oval denotes the wettest area of Upstate New York, in Central New York and the Mohawk Valley. Those areas could get hit again today and Thursday."

Weekly Rain Accumulation

It is going to be wet come Sunday afternoon through Tuesday. There isn't much hope for drying out at least in the first half of the week. Monday is expected to be particularly wet, so you'll want to make sure you know where your umbrella is located.

This interactive graph shows how much rain is expected to accumulate over the next five days. Gray bars represent clouds, with no new accumulation, yellow bars represent sun, which will start to dry things out.

Inches of Precipation Since January 1, 2017

This graph shows how we got up to the 18.73 inches of precipitation that we have received since January 1st. The largest precipation event of the year was on March 14th, when Albany received 17 inches of snow, which melted down to 1.58 inches of water. It was followed up by a March 31st rain storm where we got 1.18 inches of rain, and a January 24 rain storm that left us with 1.08 inches.

Data Source: Preliminary Monthly Climate Data (CF6). http://w2.weather.gov/climate/index.php?wfo=aly

Weekly Rain Accumulation

It looks like we might be in for another inch of rain in the next week. Half inch of rain between now and tomorrow afternoon, then a break, and some more rain come Sunday afternoon into Memorial Day.

Blue is new rain. Gray bars represent clouds, with no new accumulation, yellow bars represent sun, which will start to dry things out.

April Rainfall Records

April Showers.... Bring May Flowers? We can definitely have some pretty wet days in April, although at least in Albany, the spring time isn't the wettest time of the year -- the autumn tends to have the wettest days, but even summer can leave streams flooded from heavy downpours from rain and thunderstorms. More information on the mostly rainy days of the year. http://www.weather.gov/media/aly/Climate/ALB_MonthlySeasonal_Extremes.pdf