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Tree Cover

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30 Years of Nitrogen Fertilization in Spruce-Fir Forest – CompassLive

"Rocks and sediments bind up almost 98 percent of all nitrogen. The remaining 2 percent is in motion, part of a global chemical cycle that includes humans, bacteria, plants, and the atmosphere.
“Plants need nitrogen to grow,” says U.S. Forest Service research ecologist Steve McNulty. “However, excess nitrogen can harm plants.”

"Nitrogen and sulfur can combine with oxygen to form nitrogen or sulfur oxides. These compounds become part of the atmosphere, where they react with water vapor and other elements. Eventually, the nitrogen and sulfur – now in the form of nitric and sulfuric acid – fall to the ground with the rain drops."

Balmville Tree Springs Back To Life.

"Local folklore has it that the tree grew when George Washington planted his walking stick while he and the Continental Army were encamped in nearby Newburgh during the final years of the Revolutionary War but core samples of the tree have dated its growth to 1699, well before American independence. Franklin Roosevelt often came to visit the tree."

The tree was cut down in 2015 when it was in terminal decline and ready to collapse on the road and surrounding houses. This summer though, the energy in the roots have allowed it to spring new branches and come back alive. While not uncommon for a large cut tree to do this, it's still a wonderful story of rebirth.