Alander Mountain

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Alander Mountain
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Photo: Cabin with Tools

Cabin with Tools

While I didn't get a picture inside of the cabin because folks where still packing. There is a nice woodstove in their, and lots of cooking tools. There also was partially full bottles of liquor, among other things, but I'm not sure if I would drink it, as it probably would make you blind.

Photo: Alander Mountain Cabin

Alander Mountain Cabin

There is a free cabin you can stay at up on Alander Mountain, even in the winter. It has a nice little woodstove, and bunk beds for 6. Looked decent enough, although more people should obey the "Lug It In, Lug It Out" policy of Mass DCR and not leave all their whiskey and rum bottles there. Also, they have posted that alcohol is prohibited on cabin, something that is clearly well followed from the number of empty bottles around.