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New York State mapped and discussed, using Census data. Lots of interesting infographics can be found here.

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Western NY County Population – 1830 through 2010

Population trends for Western NY - Cattaraugus County, Chautaqua County, Erie County, Genesee County, Niagara County, Orleans County and Wyoming County from 1830 to present.

Most of the seven Western New York counties have seen slow growth of their population over recent decades, with the notable exception of the region's two largest counties -- Erie and Niagara County which have seen significant drops in population since the 1970s.

Data Source: US Census, 1830-present

Google Maps: NY Percent Of Households Heating With Natural Gas

With the current shortage of natural gas in Western NY, I thought this would be an interesting graph to share, showing which parts of the state are heavily dependent on natural gas for heating. Natural gas is the most popular heating fuel in urban areas, as it's one of the cheapest sources of energy for heating. Western NY uses a lot more gas for heating then the Eastern half of the state, which has been traditionally more reliant on heating oil for heating. Manhattan and Bronx still use more oil then gas, while the outer boroughs tends to be more connected into the gas grid.

Google Maps: Hispanic Persons in New York State

Yesterday I posted a graph that showed the percentage of Hispanics who lived in each county of New York. Today, an interactive map showing Hispanic percentages by Census Tract. Generally downstate has the most Hispanic persons, concentrated around the New York City Metropolitan area.

Source: U.S. Census Bureau, 2011-2015 American Community Survey 5-Year Estimates