Rocky Mountain (Inlet)

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New York State
Hamilton County
Moose River Plains
Beaver Lake
Black Bear Mountain
Cedar River Flow
Helldiver Pond
Indian Lake
Mitchell Ponds
Rocky Mountain (Inlet)
Squaw Lake
Wakely Mountain
Wakely Pond

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74 degrees of oozing haze on Good Ol Rocky Mountain in Inlet. It’s not raining or super hot but the humidity is intense.Thunderstorms may pop up later. I set up my tarp at camp this morning, which usually precludes rain. As the evening progresses expect clearing. July 5th and 6th will be beautiful. Tomorrow planning to finally get my kayak out on Cedar River Flow.

I love the smell of gun powder in the morning. But beyond that it’s been pretty fun and quiet at Moose River Plains. I haven’t seen a car pass my campsite in the past two hours. Then again, campsite 38 is kind of in the boondocks. Over an hour drive to asphalt in Inlet. Heck, I can’t even get weather radio here, and the few broadcast stations. one can get are weak here. I can occasionally hear fireworks in the distance but the campsite is mostly out of earshot and with a backstop of wilderness and hills.

Since I had that sense wire connected on the ground between the batteries, my truck batteries have been charging really well. If the deep cycle battery is discharged the voltage regulator keeps the voltage up, regardless of the outdoors temperatures or charge of the starting battery. I had these computer speakers with subwoofer that work perfectly for playing tunes and podcasts from my Smartphone in the woods with ample sound and decent bass. I’ve not had to use the truck radio since getting there, so things are always really well charged for starting. I was up to 1:30 this morning with a campfire, colorful lights, and music. It was fun.

Fireworks are a lot of fun, even though NY still bans aerial fireworks and firecrackers. Sparklers are fun as are the fountains. Lots of sparks and color. Not really expensive either. They seem to just paper or plastic, so the empty shells burn just fine. In the grand scheme of things, I’m not sure if really that dangerous compared to plenty of other legal things. I’m going to pickup some more in Amsterdam or other places on NY 30 on the way home, as they’re likely to be real cheap as they can’t be sold in NY State after August 3rd and most retailers tents close a few days after Independence Day.

Thursday I set up camp and went for a drive to Moose River and Helldiver Pond. Spent a bunch of time reading and listening to music at camp.

Yesterday hiked up Wakely Mountain. It was a nice hike but it took longer than expected. The black flies were intense on the top but the firetower wasn’t so bad with the winds whipping around. Went for a swim at Cedar River Flow for about an hour.

Today, went to Inlet for some more DEET and to hike Rocky Mountain. Traffic is insane in Inlet. Later heading to Limekiln Lake for a swim, a shower, and maybe some fishing or paddling. Tomorrow, going to hit up Cedar River Flow for a paddle.