Catskill Creek

Catskill Creek is a 46.0-mile-long (74.0 km) tributary of the Hudson River that drains the east northern Catskill Mountains of the U.S. state of New York. From its source at Franklinton Vlaie in Schoharie County it flows southeast through parts of Albany County and Greene County to its mouth at the village of Catskill on the Hudson River.

Fishing Information:

Catskill Creek flows for 37 miles through three
counties before entering the Hudson River at the
village of Catskill. The source is a shallow water
body, Franklinton Vlaie in Schoharie County,
which heats up in the summer. The upper 2 miles
is considered warm water and unsuitable for trout.
The next section is 5 miles long and ends about 0.5
miles upstream of the village of Preston Hollow
in Albany County. This section has abundant wild
trout, both brown and rainbows. From Preston
Hollow downstream 13 miles to the Freehold
airport in Greene County, the stream is stocked with
6,500 yearling and 400 two year old brown trout.
There are some wild brown and rainbow trout in
this section with the best numbers in the Preston
Hollow portion. From Freehold to the mouth, 16
miles, the stream is considered warm water with
some bass and a good walleye fishery at the mouth
in the village of Catskill.

Note: Statewide fishing regulations apply throughout the Catskill Creek watershed.

More about fishing on DEC's website, including stream rights:

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