Keleher Preserve

The original 287 acre property was a gift of Katherine and John Barber of Seattle, WA in 2010. The property, better known as Wolf Hill, is part of the Helderberg Escarpment. In 2014 MHLC was able to purchase an additional 160 acres from Mark Warner, a relative of the Barbers, bringing the preserves total acreage to 447.

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I enjoyed having an off-weekend, not doing much, staying home and getting some little around the house chores done. The past four weeks I’ve been out camping, and this was a nice respite, especially with the nasty weather on Saturday. Got some coding and cleaning done – fixing long existing bugs in the blog and making my apartment just a little less dirty.

Not every weekend has to be a great adventure.
Sometimes it’s nice to give Big Red a rest, and not be setting up and taking down camp. Hoping for better weather for next weekend, but so far the weather doesn’t look that promising.