2016 April 28

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April 2016
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Good evening. Another chilly evening. I don’t know if it’s really that cold out tonight, but the breeze makes it feel cold. Currently 40 degrees and cloudy. I hung up a tarp because I saw the heavy showers down by the Pennsylvania border and thought we might get them here. I also hung a tarp to try to block the wind which was mostly unsuccessful at blocking the wind. But it was successful at catching the wind and knocking over the lantern and shattering the globe. Oh well, I think I can get one at Walmart in Watkins Glen tomorrow.

Today I was went down to Taughannock State Park, hiked in the gorge and along the rim. Trees are budding a bit down there. By mid afternoon I was able to lose the sweater. Temperatures got up to 55 degrees and for a while the wind was slack but then it picked up again.

Tossed a worm on my hook and tried my hand fishing on Cayuga Lake. Didn’t catch nothing but it was cold so I didn’t spend much time at the lake. The loon kept popping up by my worm…. I think he was trying to beat me at my game.

Hiked over to Foster Pond this afternoon. I walked around a bit and saw geese with babies swimming on the lake. Cute.

It looks like we might get heavy rain in a bit if the storm cell pushes north. The fire is out and I’m retired to the truck for the evening as the cold breeze made me want to sit inside. Low around 36.
Tomorrow will be cloudy with a 50% chance of rain, most likely in the afternoon. High of only 49.

There was exactly 14 hours between sunrise and set today. Tomorrow sunrise at 6:02 am. It may be cold but at least I’m not stuck at home and the days are long. On that thought, good night!

Good morning. Happy Thursday on this cool morning. The thermometer says 39 degrees and a lot of high clouds making the sky gray. Got down to 30 last night but the thermometer is rapidly increasing. Breeze still makes it feel quite a bit cooler. Looking at a high of 52 degrees today in Hector with increasing clouds and a chance of showers. Weather like this is typical for early to mid November.

I started the truck twice this morning because I noticed the starting voltage on the battery dropped below 12.60. Every time I open the door the computer boots up it uses some power. I hit the switch to disconnect the accessory battery and now the starting seems better charged. The alternator sensed the cold and somewhat low battery and raised the voltage to 15.05 or so while running. Seems like we will be good for a while now.

Not sure what my plans for the day are at this point. On my second pot of coffee as its one of those mornings best set next to the heater with a hot cup of coffee. I was hoping things would be more spring like as in the city, but then again I’m in one of the highest locations between Cayuga and Seneca Lakes.

I don’t know. We will see how things go today. Have a great day…