2016 April 22

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Delmar, New York
Elm Ave Park & Ride - CDTA
Exit 23 - Albany (I-787)
Pharaoh Lake Wilderness
Republican Party

April 2016
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Cloudy and 65 degrees. Later 51 degrees with rain showers. Surprisingly not that humid this evening despite the showers that are around tonight. Possibly thunderstorm later. Cloudy start to tomorrow with a breeze, warming up to a seasonable 61 with more sun later. Dawn at 5:29 AM and sunrise at 5:59. First sunrise of the year before 6 AM. Days are definitely getting longer. 13 hours and 45 minutes between sunrise and sunset.

I hope you had a good Earth Day, regardless of how clique it has become in recent years. I walked nearly five miles – walking is probably the single best thing you can do for the environment. When you walk you not only don’t burn fossil fuels, you improve your health and the health of the environment. People talk a lot about the impact of burning fossil fuels but it’s de minis compared to highway construction and use. Cars have an enormous impact on the environment. Walking around your town helps you understand it better.

Tomorrow I’m thinking about walking out to Five Rivers Environmental Education Center, then driving down to the Hudson River and doing some fishing down at the river. I also got to head to store. Maybe wash the caked on mud off my truck. Start packing and planning for my trip.

Happy Friday. Survived yet another work week. Currently 71 degrees and cloudy. Tonight rain showers and 51 for the low. As they say, April comes in like a lion and leaves as a lamb. But not everyday can have blue skies.

Traffic is moving well as we head out of the city. The weather isn’t particularly nice this evening but tomorrow evening I’ll probably go down to the river for some fishing. I got to return those library books tonight. Sometime I also got to get to the store and buy some groceries. Maybe I’ll walk out to Five Rivers Education Center tomorrow.

Tired after this week. I don’t know why, it was a pretty quiet week around work. I guess there was just a lot of different things going on that needed to be accomplished. And I’m pretty ready for my Finger Lakes vacation. The weather looks reasonable for next week. Not all blue skies but some nice days and some rain to keep things from getting too dry. I’ll bring a tarp and my Big Buddy Heater, so I’ll stay warm and dry even if one of the days is wet. I’m sure the camp stove will make some good coffee too.

We are a little past the full moon although to the casual observer the moon will be pretty full. Not sure with the clouds how much you will see. Sunset tonight at 7:48 pm.

I just dethroned fellow bus rider Colleen as mayor of the CDTA Park and Ride this morning. It took 80 check-ins every morning I walked down there at the Park and Ride. Much needed rain continues to come down, wetting down the landscape and helping to keep things turning green on this Earth Day. As I write this, the bus is departing the station.

As a practical matter I probably shouldn’t have walked down to the bus stop in the rain. But it not raining that hard, but the lighter rain is more likely to absorb into the ground rather than run off.

Today is Earth Day. I don’t have any real plans for it but as its raining and I need to return a library book, I’ll probably go down to the library after work. Today in 1970, the first Earth Day was celebrated.

Memorial Day Weekend gets underway in five weeks. Now that things are greening up in the city, I can envision nicer weather going forward.

Traffic this morning is somewhat backed up going downtown but still moving decently. I’m not driving and are in no rush to get to work. There is a lane closure and a lot of tapping of brakes as people navigate the merge.

Staying I town this weekend but I will do some fishing and some short local hikes and obviously packing and getting my gear ready so I can have my truck all ready when I get out of work on Tuesday, hopefully before 5.

Back today in 1977, Optical fiber is first used to carry live telephone traffic. Fiber optic cable is the primary way that phone traffic and Internet traffic moves today. Also on the telecommunications front in 1993, the Mosaic Browser 1.0 was released. It would become Netscape and Firefox later on.

Good morning! Happy Earth Day. It’s also Friday. Yeah. Rain and 60 degrees right now outside. Showers on and off all day, the heaviest rain may occur midday. They are getting more rain to the north of the city but that could change. 75 degrees expected this afternoon.

Bring a rain coat today. The best way to celebrate Earth Day is with earth aka mud and to have mud, you need rain. A muddy truck trail or dirt road awaits you in the wilderness.

Showers are likely tonight with a low around 51. Decreasing clouds and 61 for Saturday and sunny and 60 for Sunday.

Have a great Earth Day and enjoy playing with the Unemployment Rate Map.