2015 October 01

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Air Pollution
CDTA Route 18
Delmar, New York
Exit 23 - Albany (I-787)
Ferris Lake
Hunter Mountain
Labrador Hollow Unique Area
Love Canal
Slide Mountain
Truck Camping
Wakely Mountain
Whetstone Gulf State Park

October 2015
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Good evening. Currently 52 degrees and mostly cloudy. Not the heavy low clouds of last night but instead high clouds blocking many of the stars. Chilly when the breeze picks up but otherwise not so bad. 43 will be the low tonight, frost advisory for the Adirondacks. Sunrise tomorrow at 6:52 AM with a little sun to start out the day before clouding up.

Good afternoon. Currently 56 degrees and mostly cloudy. Pretty chilly afternoon, it feels like it is more like early November than October. Sunset at 6:37 AM tonight.

I have Columbus Day Weekend and the subsequent week off. Surprisingly to me the West Virginia and Virginia trip is coming together. I generally have a plan in mind of where I will be heading and where to camp. I’m building up my map collection and lists of places to visit. Hopefully this whole area won’t be devastated by the hurricane.

Map: Slide Mountain

Map: Slide Mountain

The Slide Mountain Wilderness, encompassing over 47,500 acres, is the largest and most popular wilderness area in the Catskills. Extensive foot trails provide access to the remote interior, often climbing over lofty peaks with spectacular views. Slide Mountain, the tallest peak in all of the Catskills, inspired poet and naturalist John Burroughs to write: "Here the works of man dwindle, in the heart of the southern Catskills." A plaque commemorating both the man and the mountain graces the face of the summit rock, in tribute to Burroughs and his vision.


Good morning on this October morning. Cool around 49 degrees and cloudy. Pretty typical for October weather in Albany. The air walking down to the bus stop has a slight sweet smell of manure, the farmer down the road must have recently chopped the corn silage and is now fertilizing their fields. Smells like fall.

The windows are closed in my apartment for the first time since last springtime. Chilly morning but I guess that is to be expected this time of year. October has a lot of cool morning and often rainy and cloudy days. But when it’s nice, it can be quite nice.

Today will be heading up to around 60 degrees with some clearing in the afternoon but clouds will predominant the sky. Ditto for Friday and the weekend, however a greater chance for rain come the weekend.

Decided I need to get a better map of Virginia before my trip. A state map is fine for George Washington National Forest as I can mark campgrounds myself on it and most of the National Forest is narrow enough to be not far from a major highway. I could use my phone GPS but it doesn’t always work where service is unreliable – and a map can be hard to read on a small screen. I have an atlas of the United States with each page or two having state naps but I need a little more details.