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Good morning. Currently 53 degrees and warming up since the cool start of 44 at daybreak. Later we are looking at a pleasant day around 70 degrees and sunny. Tonight the clouds come in with rain showers on Friday. Cooler and seasonable. The sun returns for a sunny but crisp Columbus Day Weekend. The leaves are starting to turn colors but not much in the city.

Tomorrow is Friday. I will finish packing on Friday and be ready to leave early on Saturday morning. I will hit the bank up for cash on my way out. I could use the ATM but smaller bills are necessary for buying firewood and some primitive campsites. I can get more money if I need to but I hate looking for banks and ATMs in unfamiliar towns.

So the story is told about the tire pressure light. It stayed off this morning, so I guess I don’t get to bitch out the shop for screwing up. I’m a bigot, I like to jump to conclusions about people screwing me with my truck. It’s possible that the tire pressure sensors were properly relearned. Or maybe it takes more than 15 miles for the computer to discover that it’s reading the spare tire rather than one of the tires on the wheels. At this point if the light comes back on I’ll either stop at Hicktown Chevrolet and pay $20 have the tires relearned. Or maybe stop at DePaula GM Parts store and pay $60 and buy a special GM tire pressure sensor relearn tool. I think I can put a button on the dashboard and walk around the truck twice pushing a remote control at the wheel that the turn signal is flashing on.

I guess this is my stop. Have a great day!

Good evening. Currently 51 degrees and
mostly clear in Westerlo. By daybreak look for 45 degrees and breezy to even a bit windy. Tomorrow should be similarly nice to today, looking for a high around 70 degrees and mostly sunny.

Camping out at my parent’s house while they are on vacation. For a while had a fire but decided to retire to bed around 9:30 as the weather is a bit chilly with the breeze and I’m tired after a long stressful day.

I’m off to vacation on Saturday. It should be a nice weekend for sure. First two days and last two days will be a lot of driving but I’m up for some travel. Little worried that my plans for West Virginia and Virginia aren’t as set in stone as I’d like but if things don’t go right there always is a cheap motel room or campsite I can rent for a night. At least midweek I want to camp somewhere with hot showers. I prefer roadside camping that is well spread out as the preferred choice.