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69 degrees and cloudy. Once the clouds burn off, look for 81 degrees and less humidity. All weekend should be quite pleasant.  The farther west and north, the more comfortable it will get. Bring long sleeves for tonight, as it’s going to be chilly with lows in the mid 40s.

Packing for Moose River Plains is going well, with my goal of leaving 9 AM or shortly thereafter. I have to a few more things, then I will be able to head out. A little behind schedule but I’m not moving as fast as I normally due to my still sore ankle.

35 million Americans are expected to be on the road this weekend, so drive safely and expect traffic delays and volume as most people travel since 2008, with the lowest gas prices in a decade and nicest weather in recent memory for the Labor Day weekend.

With a dew point of 70 degrees, the best way to describe this evening is oppressive and now foggy, as temperatures drop to about 70. The cooler temperatures are helping a bit on this muggy evening. But the worst is over, the humidity will be gone by morning not to return until Labor Day.

Walked down and back from the library, a 1.2 mile walk. A bit painful and challenging by the end but I wanted to see if I could do it. I had a few beers with dinner, so I wasn’t going to drive and my bus pass was expired. I got a few books to read at Moose River Plains as I expect to be pretty crippled all weekend. I will be able to fish but I have to admit any kind of hiking really is out of the question. I want to pretend my ankle is better but that’s far from the truth. I decided to take out William Heart Moon’s classic, Blue Highway to see how it reads compared to when I was in my mid-20s which seems like so long ago.

Went to Walmart and got some supplies for camping. Originally I was just going to get gun solvent to clean out the mud I got in the barrel of my shotgun but I decided to buy a bunch more camp groceries. I am mostly set for food now and the table is in my truck. But I was too exhausted and my ankle too weak to get the rest of my camping gear ready to go. I have to admit I’m still really struggling a lot with my ankle. But I want to get away and hopefully visit the trappers expo tomorrow. We will see how sore I am in the morning. It didn’t help I slept very poorly last night, mostly due to the humidity. Oh well, good night.