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McDonald’s Clearance Signs Lie.

So yesterday, I went to McDonald’s drive in Clifton Park to get some coffee. The sign said “9 foot clearance”. My CB antenna hit the clearance bar. No damage, as the spring did its job, but I surprised. I hadn’t actually measured the antenna, but I knew the hood was 4 ft, the antenna was 4 feet and mount and spring were six inches. That equals 8’6″ to the top. So why did I hit? I don’t know. When I got home, I checked with my measuring tape, and sure enough, my estimate was right — the antenna is 8’4″. mcpicture-clearance Moral of the story… don’t trust clearance signs at McDonalds.

How To Break Your Truck in the Middle of Adirondack Wilderness. And Fix It When You Get Home.

It turns out if you try to run your Silverado truck with the 15-amp “Engine” fuse unplugged it will run, just real poorly.

And this may cause you to panic, causing one to “limp” your truck home, cutting short your camping plans in the Adirondacks.

But heck, I am going back tomorrow. I will just chalk it up to pure stupidity. It’s just $40 dollars wasted and maybe 150 miles that I didn’t need to drive. I don’t think I did any lasting damage to the engine.