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Map: Texas Hollow State Forest

Map: Texas Hollow State Forest

Texas Hollow State Forest (Schuyler Reforestation Area # 3) is located about 6 miles east of Watkins Glen, near the hamlet of Bennettsburg. It covers approximately 937 acres in the towns of Hector and Catharine in Schuyler County.

The Finger Lakes/North Country Trail (foot traffic only) passes through Texas Hollow State Forest. There is one pond constructed with a man-made dike, with a concrete control structures to discharge water. This pond can be accessed from Texas Hollow Rd with a short walk down an access road that is also the Finger Lakes Trail. In addition Texas Hollow State Forest has several naturally occurring ponds and bogs.

Hunting and trapping are permitted on the property in accordance with all game regulations, unless otherwise posted. Traps may not be set on public road right of ways. Body gripping traps set on land must be at least 100 feet from public trails. Permanent tree stands are prohibited. However, a tree stand or blind is allowed, provided that it does not injure any trees, is properly marked or tagged with the owner's name and address or valid hunting or fishing license number, and is placed and used during big game season, migratory game bird season, or turkey season, but no more than thirty days in one location per calendar year.

Geo-caching is allowed although caches must be marked with the owner's contact information and may not be placed in dangerous or ecologically sensitive locations.

As many of the plantations established by the CCC reach the end of their natural life (75-100 years of age), they are converting to natural hardwood stands.

Today, Texas Hollow and all state forests in New York are managed for multiple benefits to serve the needs of the people of New York. Sustainable management practices ensure a perpetual supply of timber, a diversity of wildlife habitats, compatible recreational opportunities and clean water.


Good morning! Happy Valentine’s Day this very cold and sunny morning. It is currently sunny and negative 13 degrees in Delmar. With the wind chill this morning, it feels like negative 30. That said, wind chill is not very accurate when it’s this cold out.

Today will be sunny and cold, with a high near 6. Wind chill values as low as -31. Northwest wind 9 to 11 mph. Sunset will be at 5:26 pm with twilight at 5:54 pm which is one minute and 18 seconds later then yesterday.

Not quite as cold tonight. It will be mostly clear, with a low around -5. Northwest wind around 5 mph becoming calm in the evening.

Happy Birthday to Terry Gross of NPR’s Fresh Air Interview Program. She turns 65 today and has done countless fascinating interviews over the years.

This day in 2005, the popular YouTube website is launched making it easy for people to share and watch video. It’s hard to believe it wasn’t always around.

Have a great Valentine’s Day! Stay warm.

Good evening. Currently a few clouds and negative six degrees in Delmar. Tonight will be mostly clear, with a low around -10. Wind chill values as low as -28. Northwest wind 11 to 16 mph, with gusts as high as 26 mph. Pretty darn cold.

Waxing crescent moon, setting at 10:38 pm. Best enjoyed from indoors. Tomorrow’s sunrise will be at 6:52 am with first light at 6:24 am, which is 1 minute and 20 seconds earlier then today.

Sunday will be sunny and continued cold, with a high near 8. Wind chill values as low as -29. Northwest wind around 10 mph. Warmer weather but some snow and rain on Tuesday. Next weekend could be quite warm and rainy.

I plan to get a fairly early start tomorrow, so I can check out the Adirondack Outdoorsman Show. I have no reason to procrastinate. The morning is expected to start out below zero, but my truck is starting and running good in the cold.

The bathroom sink is unplugged and working well. Stupid shit like that can be a pain in the neck. I bought a hair stopper filter to put over the drain to avoid it plugging in the future. As noted previously, I got my flu shot and my truck is running well. I still can’t believe how easy it is to get your flu shot. Free too under Obamacare. Stupid not to do it.

I’ve been working on some miscellaneous coding projects this afternoon. Nothing too major. I thought about going out this evening to look at Digital TV tuners some more, because I noticed almost all of them now have HDMI outputs. Still undecided if I want to have TV at home, but on cold nights it might be entertaining at least for PBS.

I hope you had a good day. Sleep well!

Good afternoon. Currently mostly cloudy and windy and 5 degrees in Delmar. This afternoon will be mostly sunny, with a high near 14. Wind chill values as low as -22. Blustery, with a northwest wind 23 to 25 mph, with gusts as high as 36 mph. In others cold, but if you are adequately dressed and going from building to building, it’s not that cold.

Sunset will be at 5:24 pm with twilight at 5:53 pm which is one minute and 19 seconds later then yesterday. Tonight we have a Waxing Cresent Moon with 39% illuminated. It will set at 10:38 pm. Tonight will be partly cloudy, with a low around -10. Wind chill values as low as -31. Blustery, with a northwest wind 14 to 21 mph. Continued cold. The mercury can drop somewhat lower at times in Albany, but not much colder then this with the wind

In four weeks on March 12 the sun will be setting at 5:59 pm, which is 34 minutes later then today. There are 41 days until Good Friday. when the sun will be setting at 7:41 pm. It doesn’t seem like Good Friday is that far away, but we still have some frigid days expected before then.

Making progress on a bunch of things today. Picked up some drain-cleaning solvent to hopefully free up the bathroom drain. I poured it in and it seemed to be draining a little bit better, but the label said give it a few hours to dissolve the mess. As I believe it’s just soap and hair, hopefully it will be good by later. I may add more drain-cleaning solvent later and hold off using the sink until I feel fairly certain the clog is gone. I also bought a hair-stopper cover, so hopefully things will be good.

Got my flu shot. I have never gotten a flu shot before, but it was a painless process. I didn’t even have to show my insurance card or give a credit card. They just pulled my information up from the system after giving them my date of birth and name. It took only 10 minutes at CVS, and the shot wasn’t at all painful. My right arm feels a little tingly in a spot now, but the shot didn’t hurt at all. I barely even felt it. I’ve never gotten a flu shot before, but it was such a quick and easy process, I’m going to make sure to do it again the in the future. Last year, one of my co-workers got the flu, and it’s not just a cold. It’s two weeks of feeling like you want to take your own life because of the agony, or so I’ve been told.

Checked the oil in my truck, and it was exactly where it was last week. If I’m burning or leaking oil, it certainly isn’t major thing. I thought I saw some oil dripping the other day after the oil change, but that was just oil I must have spilled a bit. I feel better knowing I won’t have to make any major repairs to the engine in the next few weeks. I don’t know why I thought it was a problem, except for noticing the oil was low three weeks ago before I added some and did an oil change. But at any rate, I’m now carefully logging my oil levels and checking it every week or two, to make sure there isn’t an issue going forward.

I was going to go up to the Adirondack Outdoorsman Show today, but I got a late start today, and figured I’d be better off seeing the exhibits when they are freshly set up in the morning on Sunday. I have a lot planned for Sunday, but if I get an early start I can get everything done in a prompt manor..

Map: Walmart Locations in NY State

Map: Walmart Locations in NY State

There are no Walmarts in NY City, but all counties in Upstate New York have at least one except for Allegany, Delaware, Fulton, Hamilton and Yates. It's fascinating how planned the number of Walmarts are in the state, with most of the rural counties getting 1-2 Walmart, then mid-size counties getting 3 Walmarts, and the largest upstate counties (Erie and Monroe) receiving 6 Walmarts.

The company must have a formula for locating a selected number of Walmarts in each county -- it's not just a distance based formula, or so it appears.

Good morning! Happy Saturday. Finally the frigid weekend! It is currently partly cloudy and 13 degrees in Delmar. Cold weather is upon us for President’s Day Weekend. 47 degrees and rain for Tuesday.

Today will have a slight chance of snow showers before 9am. Partly sunny, with a temperature falling to around one degree by 5pm. Wind chill values as low as -22. Blustery, with a northwest wind 17 to 23 mph, with gusts as high as 38 mph. Chance of precipitation is 20%. Hundreds of former Upstate New Yorkers are braving the cold while packing their moving vans and heading to Florida as you read these words.

Sunset will be at 5:24 pm with twilight at 5:53 pm which is one minute and 18 seconds later then yesterday. Tonight will be partly cloudy, with a low around -13. Only negative 13, not too cold. Wind chill values as low as -31. At least your car engine won’t care about the windchill. Blustery, with a northwest wind 14 to 21 mph, with gusts as high as 34 mph. Buffalo weather.

There are 3 months, 24 days until Best Friends Day. Warmer days spent with your best friends.

Happy Birthday to the late Tennessee Ernie Ford, singer of Sixteen Tons, a song about coal mining. Today in 1990, Germany signed the reunification agreement.