Good Evening from Delmar, NY ...

A chance of showers, mainly before 3am. Cloudy, with a low around 62. Northwest wind 6 to 8 mph. Chance of precipitation is 30%. New precipitation amounts of less than a tenth of an inch possible. Thursday: Partly sunny, with a high near 79. North wind around 9 mph. Waning Crescent Moon at 4:01 am. The sunrise tomorrow will be at 5:39 am, with the first light at 5:06 am. more >>

Good Morning! Happy Wednesday. Hump Day comes back around on the calendar. Going to be a real hot one, with temperatures expected to reach or exceed 90 degrees and with the humidity that Albany in the summer is famous for having.

Didn’t sleep all that well last night. I don’t know if it was the weather or because I didn’t get out for the evening walk last night, because I was lazy and it was hot. I honestly didn’t think yesterday was that oppressive, especially with the stiff breeze last night. I haven’t been doing the evening walk as much lately, as I don’t have a working radio or mp3 player, so I don’t have the tunes to listen to. I probably should just go to Walmart and pick up something – I’ve just not had very good luck with Mp3 players, and I am not really crazy about whats on the radio these days.

Drove past Loucks last night. My truck wasn’t out front yet, but it’s been moved to the front bay. I am somewhat hopeful I will get my truck home today. If the insurance or shop calls, I probably will catch a bus home, then run to Louck’s to sign over the insurance check then back to the city to return the loaner truck. Then bring home Big Red home either this evening or in the morning. I would like to give things a good couple of drives at speed and rougher roads, to avoid problems from the accident further down the road in wilderness areas that the shop might not have caught.

The weekend forecast looks decent, but we might see thunderstorms on Sunday. At any rate, the heat is mostly expected be gone by Thursday. Still hoping to have my truck back today or tomorrow, and if so, to spend a nice weekend in the Adirondacks – maybe coming back on Monday. We will see how things go forward in the next couple of weeks.

Cuomo Signs Measure Allowing Rifle Hunting for Deer in Albany County in 2014, 2015 Seasons

Cuomo Signs Measure Allowing Rifle Hunting for Deer in Albany County in 2014, 2015 Seasons

The measure sunsets in 2016. Albany County is one of the last counties upstate that doesn't allow deer rifle hunting in all of Upstate NY. Hunting licenses for 2014 season go on sale on Monday, August 4th.

See also this graphic from 2014 syllabus: or skip to page 23 for details:

Happy Tuesday. Welcome to the second gear of the week. Hot and humid day today, after a nice respite for cooler weather this past week. Next weekend should be fairly nice, although maybe showers on Sunday.

It was a pretty quiet weekend, although I ended up going into the office for a couple of hours on Saturday. Never did make it to the Adirondacks, as on my way out the bus, I got called back into the office, and got stuck working at the office for a while on Saturday. Went fishing on Friday and Saturday nights, and mostly lost lures and broke fishing lines in the Hudson River.

If I had my truck this past weekend, I probably would have gone up North. Sunday was really nice for sure. I could set up easily in the dark with the electric lights, but setting a tent up in the dark and getting a fire started in the dark is no fun. I don’t mind cooking in the dark in the woods when I have lots of light, but with bears and other wildlife, not so much in a dimly lit campsite.

This week I am truly hopeful for getting Big Red back soon. The body work should be done by mid-week, so it mostly depends on what needs to get be done to get the engine restarted. Then I finally can return the loaner car, and get my truck back. I will probably drive around town a few days, to make sure everything is running well, and re-tune and tighten connections on the CB radio. Then I plan to finally get out of a town for couple of days.

Then I am looking forward to getting out of town. I have a list of potentially places to go, but ultimately that will be decided based on the weather, and when I get my truck back. North Lake is on the short list, but also is the Western Adirondacks or Moose Plains. Probably don’t have time to plan out a full trip to Pennsylvania. If don’t get my truck back until Friday, it will complicate weekend plans.

At this point, due to work constrains, and simply because I haven’t put any miles on my truck this summer, I probably will hold off on the lift kit until November. I am going to take my truck to have it’s tires rotated in the next couple of weeks, and I think that will hold things over until the state inspection in early October. This will buy me more time to save more money, and have things to look forward to in the fall. Or maybe decide to spend the money somewhere else.