Photos: Watkins Glen (Aug 27, 2008, Part A)
in Watkins Glen State Park

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New York State

Beaver Dams, New York


Goundry Hill State Forest

Seneca Lake

Sugar Hill

Texas Hollow State Forest

Tops Friendly Markets

Watkins Glen State Park

Glen Bridge

nycphoto 001358

Rock Waves

nycphoto 001359


nycphoto 001356

Dripping Rock

nycphoto 001357

Trail Closed

nycphoto 001355

Water Carves

nycphoto 001353

Watkins Glen Sign

nycphoto 001354

Bridge at Watkins Glen

nycphoto 001352

In the Glen

nycphoto 000977

Waterfall at Watkins Glen

nycphoto 000969


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