Photos: Snake Mountain (Dec 28, 2009, Part A)
in Snake Mountain

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Trailhead Parking

While ultimately I parked in this lot, it worried me for a few minutes, because it was a layer of ice from freezing rain, under the layer of 4 inches of snow. I was worried about getting stuck.

nycphoto 003397

Reaching My Truck

By 3 PM the snow was flying like crazy. It would be a long drive home, until I got to NYS where the roads where just wet.

nycphoto 003396

Heavy Snow at Trailhead

It was snowing like crazy by 3 PM when I reached the trailhead at Willmarth Road.

nycphoto 003395

Steep Part

This section of the trail was the steepest part, but still very accessable by snowshoe and ski alike. Nothing on this mountain requires hands and knees climbing for sure.

nycphoto 003394

Please Stay on Trail

The irony of this sign is that the trail is not regularly marked, despite the fact that it is well travelled and easy to follow.

nycphoto 003393

Descending the Mountain

nycphoto 003392

Cold on Snake Mountain.

There was a lot of wind blowing the snow around on Snake Mountain.

nycphoto 003391

Snow on Snake Mountain

From the summit, watching it come down.

nycphoto 003390

View off Snake Mountain

This is usually one of the most breath-taking vistas out there. Of course in the middle of a snow storm, all you see is snow. Here is what I was hoping to see from the mountain top. I will come back when the weather is nicer.

nycphoto 003389

Snow Covered Woods

Very much so. This was one of the few minutes it didn't snow hiking up Snake Mountain this December day.

nycphoto 003388

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