Photos: Labrador Hollow (Sep 26, 2010, Part A)
in Labrador Hollow

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New York State

Cortland County

Jones Pond Unique Area

Labrador Hollow

Cuyler Hill State Forest

Griggs Gulf State Forest

Hewett State Forest

Hoxie Gorge State Forest

Morgan Hill State Forest

Papish Pond State Forest

Taylor Valley State Forest


Down at the wetlands by Labrador Pond.

nycphoto 005629


This is between the mountains in the hollow.

nycphoto 005630

Labrador Mountain

As seen through the swamp where it the trees are rapidly starting to turn color.

nycphoto 005631

Wetlands in the Fall

Walking along the wetlands at Labrador Hollow.

nycphoto 005632


Looking out and across Labrador Pond.

nycphoto 005633

Labrador Pond

On a beautiful fall evening, bar the clouds.

nycphoto 005634

Trees Along the Lake

This is along the canal/boat launch at Labrador Hollow.

nycphoto 005635

Trees Along Kayak Put In

Walking out along the elevated walk path on the western side of the pond.

nycphoto 005643

Near Canal At Labrador Lake

Watching as the trees start to get some color.

nycphoto 005637

Southern Edge of Pond

I wish it was a clear sunny day when I was down by Labrador Hollow, but maybe I will be out in this past of the state sometimes soon.

nycphoto 005638

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