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2:05 am

Andy ArthurHump Day! Halfway there... Patchy fog before 8am. Otherwise, mostly cloudy, with a high near 63.

2:15 am

laurieWhich lead to me digging up this archived article from Dec 5, 1916 in NY Times about 2 proposed Adirondack Reservoirs:

3:00 am

Andy ArthurDelaware Plaza in 1959.…

3:05 am

Mike LevineRT @Slate: Delta Airlines needs cheaper jet fuel. Their solution: buy an oil refinery!

3:10 am

Andy ArthurN.H. To The Unemployed: Try An Unpaid Internship.…

4:00 am

Andy ArthurBig Trucks, Bigger Trucks.…

4:05 am

Andy ArthurWhy I'm Thinking Of Going Back to College Eventually.… I want to get more technical expertise and be able to move t ...

4:55 am

laurieLearned of long-ago proposed Tumblehead Falls dam on the Schroon for 1st time while reading @TheSchroonLaker this am (

5:13 am

Andy ArthurSo I've limited my choices for the weekend to Central NY, NY 8 in Adirondacks, or NY 30 in Adirondacks. Chewing over those options.

5:14 am

Andy ArthurIt still probably is quite winter like, e.g. no leaves on trees in Adirondacks. Then have to worry about sun burn, not as pretty.

5:15 am

Andy Arthur
Map of the Day: Forked Lake. Adobe PDF:…

5:50 am

Andy Arthur'Warming Hole' Delayed Climate Change Over Eastern United States.…

6:35 am

4over4RT @nytimes: Harvard and M.I.T. Team Up to Offer Free Online Courses

6:45 am

Andy ArthurMemorial Day is only 24 days away... Coming fast. Any fun plans?

7:24 am

Andy Arthur@GettingThereTU This is why it's important to have safe roads. in reply to tweet no. 197,707,550,903,386,112 by GettingThereTU

7:35 am

timobrienBoy, 2, rides 3 miles on toy bike to see ill grandmother: A 2-year-old boy, concerned about his sick grandmother...

7:44 am

Andy ArthurJason Aldean - Tattoos On This Town: via @youtube

8:05 am

Bill McKibbenWow, new study shows fracking fluids can migrate; Marcellus rock not 'impermeable' @ProPublica…

8:35 am

Andy ArthurJustin Moore - Bait A Hook .…

8:45 am

US Fish and WildlifeFor copyright-free photographs of wildlife and scenic landscapes, check out our image library:

8:54 am

Andy Arthur@Campmor 30-40 .... in reply to tweet no. 197,724,201,820,504,064 by Campmor

9:35 am

Randy Uhrmacher3x the acers of lawns watered than #corn. "@OMGFacts: The most irrigated crop in the US is grass! Details -->"

9:35 am

Elizabeth WarrenScott Brown uses #Obamacare for his family, but wants to repeal it for everyone else. Watch this:

9:46 am

ElizabethBetween two evils... I always pick the one I've never tried before :-)

10:15 am

RiverkeeperYou have a right to know when its unsafe to swim. Urge your state sen. to vote yes on the #Sewage Right To Know Act:

10:55 am

Andy ArthurMemorial Day Weekend - The Choices: Moose River Plains vs Piseco-Powley Road vs North Lake in Arietta. Choices, choices.

11:07 am

Times Herald-Record News: Concrete barricades going up on Bronx River Parkway stretch where 7 were killed

11:10 am

Andy ArthurArrests Mark Occupy's Return.…

11:15 am

KerriFarPretty! RT @rachidh: Rain or Dew? nascent oak tree #MD #rachidh #photo #nature

11:27 am

Andy ArthurWelcome to #Albany, where the talk of the town is banning nueticles, those plastic testicles people put in dogs.…

11:32 am

Andy Arthur@Campmor Wood that is budding is well, kind of hard to burn. in reply to tweet no. 197,734,895,831,883,776 by Campmor

11:45 am

Andy Arthur
Photo of the Day: Red and White Circle Bed.…

12:02 pm

Andy ArthurThis looks good.…

12:03 pm

Andy Arthur@drgrist Yes, but thanks to air conditioning, you won't get sweaty as hell. Maybe they could hook the bike to alternator, call it a hybrid. in reply to tweet no. 197,776,829,094,952,960 by drgrist

12:09 pm

Andy ArthurI guess while my Big Red Silverado is a nice toy, it is nothing like what some in the 1% go out in town.…

12:10 pm

Jenn ZellerY'all have a doggone good afternoon. I'm off to see some friends for Wine Wednesday! A girl has to get off a...

12:27 pm

Andy Arthur@albwxexaminer For nicer weather this weekend, do you recommend Southwestern Adirondacks, or Central NY, e.g. south of Utica?

12:31 pm

Andy Arthur@StickFigureMan That would be NYS DOT. Also, they didn't use the new DOT Clearview font, as required under MUTCD. in reply to tweet no. 197,686,574,585,102,336 by StickFigureMan

12:33 pm

Andy Arthur@StickFigureMan Here is what a new Clearview sign should look like.… in reply to tweet no. 197,686,574,585,102,336 by StickFigureMan

12:40 pm

Andy ArthurEric Church - Drink In My Hand .…

12:45 pm

Andy ArthurThe Purpose Of Spectacular Wealth, According To A Spectacularly Wealthy Guy.…

12:49 pm

Andy Arthur@albwxexaminer thanks ... in reply to tweet no. 197,784,946,587,344,896 by upstatenywx

12:50 pm

JustinMoody sunset over the Colvin Range from the Beckhorn. #ADK #ADIRONDACKS #NewYork #trail

1:18 pm

Andy ArthurI am a little surprised how @Occupy_Albany just packed up, left, did not come back after getting kicked out of the park last night.

1:34 pm

Andy ArthurGas prices are down to $3.95 a gallon in Glenmont. Not too bad.

1:42 pm

Andy ArthurProbably out of state DOT contractor made up sign. MT @StickFigureMan Yeah, you're right. I should have criticized the DOT. Not Poestenkill.

1:55 pm

Andy ArthurDark in 2 hours at 7:57 pm. 78% Waxing Gibbous Moon, setting at 3:36 am. Enjoy the rest of your day.

2:00 pm

USGSA paradox of cooler streams in warming climate

2:05 pm

Strolling Heifers"In 1942 the average dairy cow produced less than 5,000 pounds of milk in its lifetime. Now, the average cow...

2:35 pm

The TRCPGood article on the economic study done by Sportsmen for Responsible Energy Development in the Western Rockies

2:50 pm

Mud BaronRT @Earthnik: Research Firm Blames Monsanto for Bee Deaths So…Monsanto Buys It! Just in case you haven't read this.

5:35 pm

Mike Andrick"Maggots, Michael. You're eating maggots. How do they taste?" --> 8 Bugs You Don't Know You're Eating :…

5:45 pm

Andy ArthurGood Night! Sunrise at 5:45 am. Showers likely, mainly after 1am. Cloudy, with a low around 51. South wind between 5 and 7 mph.

6:40 pm

The New York Times‘The Scream’ Sells for Nearly $120 Million at Sotheby’s Auction

6:43 pm

Andy Arthur$120 million is a lot of money for a painting ... by any artist.

6:47 pm

Andy ArthurI was surprised to notice the second battery wasn't charging in my truck. After pulling fuse between batt 1/batt 2, discovered not working.

6:49 pm

Andy ArthurI don't know what was wrong with the fuse, because after I tested everything, reinstalled the fuse and the cover, it was working again.

6:53 pm

Andy ArthurClearly it was the fuse that was loose, because terminal of battery 1 was hot, while input terminal of isolator was dead... fuse not blown

6:53 pm

Andy ArthurHopefully this won't become an issue.

6:55 pm

Andy ArthurBetween climate change and dangers of nuclear war who wouldn't think world ending in our lifetimes wasnt a possibility?…

6:56 pm

Andy ArthurAnyway you look at it, man has unleashed some awful scary forces, that might very well do in humanity once and for all.

6:57 pm

Andy ArthurI also got a set of Yakima Landsharks and loaded kayak on the roof my truck for the first time. Not too bad to load, all things considered.

6:58 pm

Andy ArthurYakima Landshark saddles where basically the cost as similiar Thule and Malone, but they fit Yakima round bars better.

6:59 pm

Jesse LaGrecaOn this date in 1933 Hitler banned labor unions in Germany #history #ows #p2

7:00 pm

Andy Arthur@johnvoelcker Or hyper-warming, as proposed by Ed Landing of NYS Museum.… in reply to tweet no. 197,879,135,174,004,736 by johnvoelcker

9:45 pm

Andy ArthurTwitter Wednesday 05-02-12.… Andy's twitter feed, containing the links, stories, and discussions from Wednesday. ...

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