Photos: Hadley Mountain (Apr 17, 2009, Part A)
in Hadley Mountain

New York State

Warren County

Bennett Lake Trail

Cod Pond

Crane Mountain

East Branch of Sacandaga River

East Stony Creek

Garnet Lake

Hadley Mountain

Harrisburg Lake

Kirby Pond

Tenant Creek Falls

Wilcox Lake

Soon All Green

nycphoto 001814

Towards Spruce Mountain and Thompson Mountain Ranges

nycphoto 001813

Trees and Peaks

nycphoto 001811


nycphoto 001810

Mountains Thru Trees

nycphoto 001809

Spruce Mountain

nycphoto 001808

Wilcox Lake Wild Forest

nycphoto 001807

Some Snow Left

nycphoto 001806

Enjoying the Mountains

nycphoto 001805

Largely Bald Top of Hadley Mountain

nycphoto 001804

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