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Google Maps: 2017-18 Proposed Per Student Spending By District [KML] [iframe] 

Map uploaded on May 14, 2017.

Wealthy suburbs, rural areas, Long Island tend to spend more per student then do compact but poor urban areas. The Adirondack Park has particularly high per-student spending, but they also receive a lot of funding from the property tax paid by the state on the Adirondack Forest Preserve.

Data Source: Projected school aid runs based on the enacted state budget for 2017-18. (As prepared by NYSUT; an excel spreadsheet.) https://www.nysut.org/news/2017/april/school-aid-runs-your-districts-funding-for-2017-18. Also, school budget and student numbers come from the NYSED Property Tax Cap Report. http://www.p12.nysed.gov/mgtserv/propertytax/

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