Google Earth: DEC Primative Campsites, Lean-Tos, Firetowers
in State Lands

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I recieved these from a FOIL request from the DEC. If you have a GIS program such as the free Quantum GIS program, feel free to make your own maps from this DEC Facilities Shapefile. There is no copyright on these files, however, the DEC Lands and Forests requests you note that it was created by their division.

The NYS GIS Clearinghouse can provide you with topographic maps, maps of state truck trails and hiking trails, elevation data, fishing areas, and almost anything else you could need. The DEC Lands and Forests facilities is the missing link, that the DEC doesn’t post online except on their clumsy and slow State Land Interactive Mapper (SLIM) (on that site you must zoom in very closely for the campsites to be revealed). I believe this list is more updated then the one on SLIM.

Please note, especially with the Primative Campsites, including many roadside campsites, the list is far from complete. It contains 1190 primitive campsites (free to use with minimal developed facilities if any), 137 lean-tos, and 20 fire towers, reported to Lands and Forests Management at 625 Broadway in Albany. More details on each campsite, lean-to, or firetower are in the Google Earth KMZ file or the GIS Shapefile.

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  • Leantos – Look like houses
  • Campsites – Look like tents

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