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Rapp Road Landfill Yearly Tonnage, 1991-2016 [JSON] [iframe] [PNG]

Chart uploaded on December 3, 2017.

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In recent years, the City of Albany has tried to maximize their profitability at the Rapp Road Landfill by taking in more different types of waste, including asbestos-contaminated materials, industrial wastes, sewage sludge incinerator waste, and petroleum contaminated soil.

Data Source: NYSDEC Annual Solid Waste Facility Reports, 2016. ftp://ftp.dec.state.ny.us/dshm/SWMF/Annual%20Reports_Solid%20Waste%20Management%20Facility/Annual%20Reports_by%20Activity%20Type/Landfill/Landfill%20Annual%20Reports%20-%202016/R4/01S02_Albany_SWMF_msw_R4_2016.2017-03-01.AR.pdf

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