Southern Adirondacks DEC Back-country Campsites and Lean-Tos – May 2012
in Southern Adirondacks

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  • Red Balloons – Campsites (roadside)
  • Yellow Balloons – Lean-tos
  • Blue Balloons (roadside, paddle-in, backpack in)

Ferris Lake Wild Forest Campsites.

The DEC database finally adds the roadside campsites along Piseco-Powley Road, G-Lake Road, Mountain Home Road, Edick Road, along with ever so popular paddle in campsites along Good Luck Lake and backpack-in sites on Nine-Corner Lake.

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Lake George Wild Forest, Lean-Tos.

Notice the lean-tos on Tongue Mountain, and scattering of campsites across the area, including Buttermilk Road and Shelving Rock campsites, which are now tent-only sites.

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Pharoah Lake Wilderness Campsites, Lean-Tos.

The lean-tos are yellow, campsites are blue. Many of the ponds in the Pharaoh Lake Wilderness have multiple lean-tos around them.

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Siamese Pond Wilderness Campsites, Lean-Tos.

13th Lake is the most popular place here for tent camping, but also note lean-tos at Hour Pond, Puffer Pond, and John Pond.

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Silver Lake Wilderness Campsites, Lean-Tos.

Various campsites, lean-tos in the Silver Creek Wilderness, and a few in the neighboring .

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Wilcox Lake Wild Forest Campsites, Lean-Tos.

Note the roadside camping on NY 8, Hope Falls. Many campsites and lean-tos on many ponds, mountains. Nice campsites along Murphy-Middle-Bennet Lakes, also check out Garnett Lake for Camping, and Lizard-Pond and Wilcox Lake Lean-tos.

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