Photos: Vromans Nose (Mar 21, 2010, Part B)
in Vromans Nose

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New York State

Burnt-Rossman State Forest

Clapper Hollow State Forest

Cotton Hill State Forest

Dutton Ridge State Forest

Lutheranville State Forest

Mallet Pond State Forest

Mine Kill State Park

Patria State Forest

Schoharie Valley

Vromans Nose

Three Colors

nycphoto 003815

Looking Down

nycphoto 003816

Along NY 30

nycphoto 003811


nycphoto 003812


nycphoto 003813

Swollen Schoharie

nycphoto 003809

Fields and Stream

nycphoto 003810

Ledge and Farm

nycphoto 003805


nycphoto 003806

Armlin Hill

nycphoto 003807

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