Photos: Tioga State Forest (Nov 10, 2010, Part D)

Parents Keep a Close Eye on Children

They don't necessarily want them to go swimming in the Pine Creek. At Tiadaghton Camping Area.

nycphoto 006030

Inside the Canyon

nycphoto 006029

Tiadaghton Tent Camping Area

nycphoto 006028

Tiaghaton: Tent Camping Only

And I guess they don't allow people to come on in at horseback, although there are other places in gorge where horseback riders can ride.

nycphoto 006027

Road to Tiagahton

The rail trail is on the right. Tiagahton is a 1/4 mile to the north after you descend into the gorge.

nycphoto 006026

Closed to All Vehicles

Cars and trucks are not allowed to drive on the rail trail in this location, but follow a separate parallel road to get to the Tiadaghton Camping Area.

nycphoto 006025

Rather Confusing Sign to Parking Area

This is down at the Tiadaghton Camping Area.

nycphoto 006024