Photos: Piseco-Powley Road (May 30, 2011, Part A)
in Piseco-Powley Road

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Waking Up Deligted to See the Sun

All that light and bright green was sorely missing from Powley Place when I camped there most of the weekend, until Memorial Day worked it's way around.

nycphoto 007702

Making Coffee

nycphoto 007703

Drinking Coffee, Enjoying the Sunlight

And sitting back to a delightful breakfast ...

nycphoto 007704

Citronella Candel

It looks a little beat up, because on Saturday I accidentally drove over it with my pickup truck. Too bad.

nycphoto 007705


With all those beautiful sunrays beating down on it.

nycphoto 007706

Spruce Along East Canada Creek

This one was not old growth, but still pretty on this sunny springtime morning.

nycphoto 007707

Big Alderbed Mountain

On the amazingly sunny Memorial Day.

nycphoto 007708

North Through Powley Place

nycphoto 007709

Big Alderbed Mountain

nycphoto 007710

Twisting Through West Branch

Of the East Canada Creek.

nycphoto 007711

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