Photos: Piseco-Powley Road (May 29, 2011, Part D)
in Powley Place, New York

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Steel Culverts Under Bridge

The construction of the Powley Place Bridge was interesting. It was a series of "I" beams, with half culverts laid on the beams, with a layer of concrete poured on top. It seems like a nice design, except where the culverts where rusted through, and the concrete was cracking off the bridge.

nycphoto 007694

Culverts Gone, Exposed Concrete

Here is an example of the deterioration of the bridge as seen from it's underside. Concrete was cracking as steel was gone from holding it up. Bridge will eventually have to be replaced.

nycphoto 007695

Paddling Up Creek A Little Further

As rain showers came down this evening.

nycphoto 007696

Clouds in Evening

nycphoto 007697


In Powley Place. It's not all marshy, in part because Mr. Powley when he tried to farm this place, installed tiles that dried this area out enough to make a small field suitable for farming.

nycphoto 007698

Along Powley Road

nycphoto 007699

Back at Camp

Cooking dinner after dark. This way one avoided the black flies.

nycphoto 007700

Campsite After Dark

nycphoto 007701


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