Photos: Labrador Hollow (Sep 19, 2010, Part A)
in Labrador Hollow

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Labrador Hollow

Cuyler Hill State Forest

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Taylor Valley State Forest

Labrador Pond

This is Labrador Pond a little while before the sun set. Unfortunately, this pictures is a little over exposed and the sky does not show up well.

nycphoto 005562

North-West Through the Valley

Looking towards Apulia Station and Tully on this beautiful evening.

nycphoto 005563

Hang Gliders Cliff

Looking North across Hang Gliders Cliff in the evening.

nycphoto 005564

Smoldering Fire

The previous group of people had a campfire up here, that was smoldering away as I arrive.

nycphoto 005565

Sunsets Into Clouds

In the bottom of the frame is Labrador Mountain.

nycphoto 005566


The sun is now setting behind Labrador Hill.

nycphoto 005567

Labrador Pond

Right after sunset.

nycphoto 005568

Sun Disappears Behind the Clouds

I will some day have to get back up here, when it's not so cloudy in the evening.

nycphoto 005569

Apulia Valley After Dark

It is such a breath taking place to look down and across.

nycphoto 005570

Sun at Hill

It is probably crossing Vesper Hill on the other side of Tully.

nycphoto 005571


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