Photos: Kane Mountain Fire Tower (Apr 24, 2010, Part C)
in Kane Mountain Fire Tower

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Kane Mountain Fire Tower

Pine Lake

Adirondack Mountains

Hudson Gorge Wilderness

North-West Adirondacks

Northern Adirondack Wild Forests

Northern Adirondacks

Northern Adirondacks

Shaker Mountain

South Eastern Adirondacks

Southern Adirondacks

Canada Lake with Caroga Lake in Distance

nycphoto 004167


nycphoto 004166

Route 10

nycphoto 004165

Inlet to Canada Lake

nycphoto 004164


nycphoto 004163

Canada Lake

nycphoto 004162


nycphoto 004161

Camel Hump

nycphoto 004159

North Along NY 10

nycphoto 004160

East Through Tower Window

nycphoto 004156

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