Photos: Bulldozing the Albany Pine Bush (Apr 30, 2011, Part A)
in Bulldozing the Albany Pine Bush

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Bulldozing the Albany Pine Bush

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Beautiful Fuller Road

Home of one of many Albany's fantastic automobile ghettos. A beautiful day to be walking along the road. It's supposedly much nicer in one's car, when you don't have gasp the toxic automobile fumes.

nycphoto 007344

Remains Of Sand Dune

Being flattened, or turned into a shape appropiate for building a flyover ramp, to take traffic from Downtown Albany quicker out to the Albany Pine Bush.

nycphoto 007345

Sand Dune Being Carved Away

Another picture of the area near Fuller Road, that is being removed in preparation for that new fly over ramp.

nycphoto 007346

Between I-90 and Washington Ave Extension

Old maps show part of an old sand dune remaining here, soon to be bulldozed so traffic can fly over a traffic circle.

nycphoto 007347

Traffic Waiting Near Recently Cleared Sand Dune

At Fuller and Washington Ave Extension.

nycphoto 007348

Washington Ave and Fuller

The apparently left a few trees standing along Washington Ave, prior to bulldozing them to build the new flyover ramp.

nycphoto 007349

Under the Northway Ramps

It is not a particularly nice place under these ramps from all the noise and air pollution from cars driving above.

nycphoto 007353

Retaining Wall Along Thruway Fly Over Ramp

Isn't this the most appealing landscape in the Albany Pine Bush Preserve. The railing is designed to keep people from crashing their 2,000 lb bicycles into the upper fingers of Rensselaer Lake.

nycphoto 007358

Big Toys Like That Are

Need for removing big Pitch Pine Trees and knocking down former sand dunes, to lay down asphalts so that the 2 tons of steel ants can move faster.

nycphoto 007360

They Already Had Removed the Sand Dune

So why not hurry up, and finish the Daughters of Sarah assisted living home, and get the tacky vinyl siding applied, so that wealthy folk can move in an enjoy the fresh smell of the Rapp Road landfill?

nycphoto 007361


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